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Go abroad for an indefinite period?

Regardless of whether for business or pleasure - the reasons for living abroad are many and varied. One thing is equally important for everyone: good health care. However, health insurance coverage in many countries is not at the German level. Those who have international health insurance are free to choose where and by whom they would like to be treated, including in their home country. Perhaps you would like to continue to go to your trusted dentist or gynecologist, for example when visiting your old homeland? This is not a problem with international health insurance.

What are the characteristics of an international health insurance?

The insurance coverage of an international insurance company is in many areas much more extensive than a normal international health insurance. Prevention, vaccinations, pregnancies, dentures, etc. are standard services with good insurance coverage.

If you are staying in Germany at home, you can be treated by a doctor you know. A normal foreign health insurance would not work here.

The international health insurance is unlimited from the outset. In the case of international travel insurance, the maximum duration is often limited to 5 years or less.

A project is being extended, the planned measures were not completed on time - no problem with international health insurance. International travel insurance, on the other hand, cannot be extended.

While you must take out travel insurance before you leave the country, you can still take out international health insurance if you are already abroad.

Personal advice is crucial

Which country are you going to? What services do you value? What is your personal situation - now and in the future? Without personal advice, it is almost impossible to choose the right international health insurance. This includes a precise needs analysis, a comparison of the offers and a well-founded recommendation.

There for your questions

In Rainer Elsmann you have an insurance expert for Germans abroad. Thanks to his ten years of employment with a statutory health insurance company in the field of long-term foreign health insurance, he is able to assess the social security side very well. During this time and almost ten years at DR-WALTER, he advised internationally active companies and individual customers. Together with his team colleague Christian Metz, he is primarily responsible for insurance products for emigrants, expats and international companies.

He will answer your questions with a view to your individual requirements and recommend the appropriate tariffs. Not least because he himself has developed products for other insurers especially for emigrants and knows what is important.

DR-WALTER, his employer, is the expert for international insurance. We have been looking after expats, business travelers, employees and specialists abroad for over 55 years. The core competence of DR-WALTER lies in advising companies, organizations and employees on securing long-term stays abroad. Also in special regions of the world and in crisis areas.

As an insurance broker, we are not dependent on insurance companies, but rather cooperate with a large number of companies. This enables us to offer optimal insurance conditions and products that are tailored to your needs and developed individually.

DR-WALTER is regularly checked by TÜV with regard to service quality.

The large number of insurance companies makes it difficult to choose the right one. In the end, four are relevant for the German market: Cigna, Foyer, Globality and Allianz Worldwide Care. You can purchase all four from us - but there are some differences in a direct comparison. They all have in common that they are valid worldwide and have also been concluded worldwide. All-round protection is therefore always given. Most similar to the German requirements are certainly the Globality and the foyer. In contrast to the Cigna and Allianz Worldwide Care, they do not have a maximum insurance limit per year, but provide unlimited benefits. In addition, they only have two tariff zones. At Cigna and Allianz there are several tariff zones that are decisive for the level of benefits. For example, if the insurance was taken out in a cheaper tariff zone, treatment in a more expensive tariff zone will only be covered in an emergency. Insurance is therefore not necessarily recommended, especially for people abroad who travel to different countries.

Ultimately, we can only recommend insurance once you have discussed your individual requirements with us. From our point of view, both the Global Health foyer and the GLOBALITY HEALTH have clear advantages over other insurance companies. Therefore, one of the two will suit your needs 99 percent of the time.

Contact us and we will find the best solution.

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Up to 20%: Special conditions for DIA members

As a member of DIA e. V. you can choose a tariff that is otherwise only offered to companies! With the special conditions of DIA e. V. save up to 20% compared to the comparable individual offers! The discount has already been taken into account in the premium overviews on our website.

Apart from the favorable price advantage, you have no obligations that arise from it. Membership ends automatically without any further obligations when the insurance is terminated.

Our international insurance specialist will be happy to advise you. Call him without obligation. The membership fee for the Association of Germans Abroad e. V. is already included in the insurance premium.

Offers in detail

What do the recommended international health insurances do in detail? We present both offers on the following pages. If you want the information faster, you can simply call Rainer Elsmann.

Accident insurance abroad

Accident insurance often only offers insurance cover abroad if you are resident in Germany, with DIA accident insurance you can do without it.

To the DIA accident insurance

DIA health account

International health insurance does not create so-called retirement provisions. We therefore recommend that you set up a personal health account. In this way you can secure your standard of health for today and tomorrow.

To the health account

Liability insurance

Strong performance at a surprisingly affordable contribution. The special solution exclusively for DIA customers offers unlimited protection for the duration of your stay abroad. And that worldwide!

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