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Hamster squeals - that could be the problem

Hamsters have their own spoken language. Find out what it means when the little rodent squeaks in this home tip.

The hamster squeaks: signs of fear

  • If a hamster squeaks, this is a clear sign that the animal is afraid.
  • In addition to spoken language, you can often read the fear in body language. In such a case, the hamster usually presses itself flat on the ground.
  • For example, if the hamster has not been with you for a long time, the environment appears strange and threatening to him. This is why you should give the animal enough time to get used to it at the beginning so that it can adjust to its new home. After all, in most cases it is a lifetime home.
  • If the animal is scared and squeaks, it is best to leave it alone and move away. Your pet can then retreat to their hamster house. For him, the cave means protection and security. Even a hamster has and needs its comfort zone.
  • If you keep several hamsters together, scuffles are the order of the day. The animals will squeak again and again.
  • Incidentally, it is a common misconception that hamsters should be kept in a group. The opposite is the case: hamsters are actually loners. They only need a partner for reproduction - but even that only for a limited period of time.
  • So if you have several hamsters, it is better to keep them in separate cages. A group situation causes enormous stress among the animals. From sexual maturity, the animals fight each other even to the point of death. So if you want to spare your children or yourself moments of sadness, the solitary position is the right way to go.

What else the hamster has to say

The squeak isn't the only audible signal your hamster can give you. Here are some other ways your pet can make themselves felt.

  • If a hamster screeches, it is a sign of insecurity and fear, similar to squeaking. For example, a move from familiar surroundings to a new home can be accompanied by screeching.
  • We have already explained in detail what squeaking means. However, if the squeak is accompanied by a grinding of your teeth, this is a sign of aggressiveness.
  • Humming is also a hamster's way of expressing aggressiveness. However, there is one exception: hamster males sometimes hum immediately after mating - in this case the sound has nothing to do with aggressive behavior.
  • As with humming, the respective situation is decisive for the correct interpretation of the sound when hissing. Mostly this is a threatening sound before the attack. It is not uncommon for hamsters to hiss during the pairing foreplay.
  • Hamsters are noisy animals. Sometimes they sneeze, squeak, and babble to themselves. That is precisely why you want to tell you something. You can only find out exactly what it is by observing closely - in most cases a time-consuming but also worthwhile undertaking.

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