Why did Donald Trump lie on Modi

It's true, the big news didn't come out of the more than six hours of hearing that Robert Mueller endured on Wednesday. The ex-special investigator in the Russia affair obviously had little interest in the unsurprising questions of the congressmen. He had previously stated that he would not say anything beyond what is in his 448-page report.

And yet the hearings first before the judiciary and then before the House Intelligence Committee showed in a condensed form why Trump does not belong in the White House. He and his people lied, were greedy for power and money, were corrupt, and broke laws. To win the 2016 election and to protect yourself from investigations.

Mueller has made it clear: Even after two years of intensive investigative work, he has not found the one beyond doubt evidence of an illegal conspiracy between Trump and the Russians. But that doesn't mean that this conspiracy didn't exist. Too much evidence speaks against Trump.

It is certain, for example, that his son Donald Trump Jr. happily accepted an offer from a Russian lawyer to inform him and Trump's team about "dirt" that their clients in the Russian government had collected against Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton at the time. And Mueller also says that it was the clear goal of the Russian government to manipulate the election in favor of Trump with a tremendous amount of financial and human resources. There had been more than 100 contacts between Trump employees and Russian officials during the election campaign and afterwards.

If Trump says now that he has been completely cleared of all allegations, then that too is a lie. To get rid of the investigation, Trump fired at least one FBI chief, ordered the dismissal of Robert Mueller and made nine more attempts, which Mueller considers to be an obstruction of justice.

Trump may not have been successful. The investigation continued despite everything and Mueller stayed in office. But only because people like Don McGahn, then White House counsel, refused to carry out Trump's orders.

Democrats should focus on themselves, not just Trump

Some Democrats had hoped that this day would bring the breakthrough to initiate impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi, who is also the supreme Democrat as spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, is against impeachment. You could only have been convinced if Mueller had suddenly uncovered an as yet unknown Trump offense. Or if he had clearly and unequivocally recommended an impeachment procedure to Congress. Neither happened. Mueller said little more than "yes", "true", "correct" and "can you repeat the question?"

Nevertheless, Mueller made it clear at the hearing that even attempting to obstruct justice is a criminal offense. There was only one reason he did not bring charges against Trump: Under the rules of the Justice Department, an incumbent president cannot be charged. It is therefore up to Congress to act against Trump within the framework of its constitutional rights. Impeachment would be one of those rights. Identify and investigate another. And last but not least: After his term in office, Trump can of course be charged.

But for this Trump would have to lose the 2020 election. Impeachment proceedings against Trump would increase his chances of victory. A large majority of Americans think little or nothing of impeachment. Trump would once again have the opportunity to portray himself as a victim. A number that still attracts its followers.

Not to mention that the trial would come to an end in the Senate at the latest. The Republicans have a majority there. And out of power calculation they decided to hold up Trump rather than give decency and morality a new chance.

The Democrats would be well advised to focus now on raising their political profile and putting forward the best possible candidate against Trump. And should they win the presidency in autumn 2020, which has not been agreed for a long time, then the first official act of a new Democratic Justice Minister can be to bring Trump to court. Because that's where it belongs.