How can we define male chauvinism


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Rejection of other nations

"Chauvinism" is an extreme form of patriotism or nationalism. What is meant is an exaggerated form of pride in one's own country. Associated with this pride is the rejection of other nationalities. They are seen as unequal and unrighteous, or even worthless. In the past, chauvinist movements often grew out of feelings of inferiority towards other nations. Today in politics one speaks of "nationalist" rather than "chauvinist" groups.

Chauvinists against women

One often hears about male chauvinism as well. This means an attitude that is directed against the equality and equal rights of women in the public as well as in the private sector. "Chauvinists" or "Chauvis" for short are men who think they are superior to women. Chauvinists believe that they have more privileges than women, that they are overall more important than women. Another word for it is "machismo". On the one hand, this male chauvinism is stupid because it has no justification. On the other hand, it is untenable because in Germany men and women have unrestricted equal rights. Chauvinism is therefore out of place in a democratic society.

Origin of the word

The word is derived from the name of a soldier who served under the French Emperor Napoleon.

Source: Gerd Schneider / Christiane Toyka-Seid: The young politics encyclopedia from, Bonn: Federal Agency for Civic Education 2021.