How many songs should an album have?

Demo CD: How many songs are there on a demo CD?

A question often asked by artists and bands is how many songs (or tracks) are on their demo CD. When it comes to sampling producers, labels or radios and convincing them of their own quality, this can be extremely important.

How many songs belong on a demo? Should you show everything you have or is a single track enough? Here come the answers!

By Carlos San Segundo

Demo CD: How many songs are there on a demo CD?

It is astonishing that the question of the number of songs on a demo CD is often asked almost too late - namely when it comes to burning or pressing the demo CD. The songs should be produced with a view to their later use as a promo CD. Lots of bands like to take lots of mediocre songs. It is better to record a few songs well.

How many songs are enough for the demo tape?

But I'm just deviating from the topic. We remember that this was: How many songs are there on a demo CD? The answer is of course (as always in the music business) directly dependent on what you intend to do with the demo CD.

  • Would you like to sign a record deal with a label?
  • Do you send the CD to an A&R or a producer?
  • Do you want to convince a publisher of the quality of your songs?
  • Would you like to work as a permanent songwriter for a publishing company?

This list could probably go on for quite a while. The point is, it should be clear beforehand who you are going to send this demo CD to.

3 songs are usually enough

In most cases 3 (in words: three) songs are enough to convince your counterpart of you or your band. If your counterpart develops an interest in the songs, your act or your band, the A&R, the publisher or music producer will ask for more songs. Under no circumstances should you put more than five songs on the demo CD, unless you have been instructed to do so.

Less is more in demo songs?

Why? Very few people - not even those in the music business - have enough time to listen to the complete demo CD and react rather annoyed when the artist in question could not decide on a selection of the best songs. The selection of the songs on a demo CD was already the subject of another article, so it should only be pointed out at this point that the best song should be on the CD first.

Conclusion on "How many songs belong on a demo tape"

What are your experiences with sending demo CDs? What tips can you give other delamar users? We look forward to your comment!

And one last tip: Most demo tapes that are sent are returned unheard.
Therefore you should ask for permission before you send your demo or announce the dispatch of the demo CD to the other party. This also has the advantage that you can get to know your counterpart personally on the phone beforehand.