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Power and sex in the alpha males

He is full of zest for action and exudes a zest for life that literally sweeps his surroundings away. Ever since French President Nicolas Sarkozy took over the attractive, capricious singer Carla Bruni, 39, when his third wife was free, the small man in his mid-fifties has been like Napoleon, for whom no goal seems too big and no project seems impossible. Sarkozy is the most recent example of how feelings and an exciting sex life invigorate the senses and the mind and apparently bring a tremendous boost of energy to the job.

The recipe is not new. In Germany, for example, Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Ex-Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer regularly got a fresh kick with new marriages and ever younger partners. In Russia, Vladimir Putin recently brought his manhood into position and bared his muscular, sinewy torso in public while fishing. The prime minister is a newcomer in the tussle game of relationships: first married, not yet divorced from the old companion and quite discreetly supposedly on free feet with a younger one. In this country, despite all the new openness and today's social acceptance of changing partners, things are more cautious. Minister of Social Affairs Erwin Buchinger, 53, took on the new position of friend Marina Laux, 27, for the boost. He doesn't want to comment on that.

In the economic sector At least the industrialist Hannes Androsch, 70, and Bautycoon Hans Peter Haselsteiner, 64, came out with illegitimate sons of young mothers. Major investor Martin Schlaff, 55, has just completed his second divorce and is turning to a thirty-year-old, and ex-entrepreneur Christian Niedermeyer, 54, currently still a privateer, will get married for the third time in a few weeks. The partner is 27 and she inspires. Niedermeyer now wants to go back to work and is rolling over concrete plans. “A young woman does not allow you to be comfortable,” says Niedermeyer, “and that is also positive, because these demands keep you young and of course give you energy for the job.” For electronics retailer Robert Hartlauer, the input from happiness is even more "An essential prerequisite for being able to sell well".
Airliner Niki Lauda, ​​59, known for his coolness, also confirms the buoyancy caused by hot feelings: "That cheers the alpha animal so that it becomes even more of an alpha animal."

Only Leo Wallner , 73, widower, retired casino general and active president of the Austrian Olympic Committee (ÖOC), believes that an exciting passion from the job would "rather distract" than stimulate him. Narcissism and addictive behavior. Why do powerful politicians, entrepreneurs and managers leave their wives or partners? What are they hoping for from the change, and why is the exchange becoming more and more unrestrained? "The man is rated higher if he can afford an attractive woman," says the sex therapist and mental trainer Karl Stifter. “Sarkozy is energetic. His self-worth is increased, he is definitely more potent as a result. He is erotically stimulated. and he can convert this energy into work, which also makes him more resilient. "

Young, beautiful second and third wives In the opinion of powerful men, they not only increase the quality of life, but also their reputation. “It's about prestige when I can afford a younger woman. This is the case in many cultures. Men feel refreshed, potent, and fertile. A kind of biological extension, and some even believe in eternal life, ”scoffs sociology professor Roland Girtler, 67. For the psychotherapist Ursula Kren-Kwauka, so-called alpha men are narcissus. Extroverted personalities with a strong need for recognition, who have to organize and nurture their self-esteem and who only define themselves through performance. “First of all, with a new partner, you feel more inspired, younger and you bring energy and creativity to your job,” says Kren-Kwauka, “then the system tips over and you can become addicted.” That means after a while it goes away Hormone intoxication, and the partner's attractiveness diminishes. Reason enough to look around for a new feeling of happiness, which is then again only temporary. Above all, creative people know this vicious circle. Picasso, for example, was considered an insatiable womanizer and was regularly revived by his numerous lovers. US President John F. Kennedy was also known for his sex addiction.

“People in politics and business are creative and have to give up a lot of energy in their job, ”observes the psychoanalyst Rotraud A. Perner. Politicians and managers benefit from their status, from the shine of their notoriety, but that doesn't really give back energy, rather a glamor image factor. With the search for sexual stimulation, they supposedly create energy for themselves. "But that is not real energy and not a real energy supply," says the expert.
Girtler, who has been married for more than 40 years, comes up with a drastic and simple summary of the new, old energy mechanics: "A smart man doesn't take boys, otherwise he'll look stupid and look like an old rooster. I don't understand this evolution of divorce and exchange in order to always start over. In truth, that is bondage. "

The biological heritage. "Power is the most powerful aphrodisiac," ex-US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said. Power and eros. Inextricably linked? Evolution theorists say that all of this still comes from the Stone Age. When women instinctively chose the man who swung the strongest club and thus promised the greatest possible survival for women and children. It's still in our genes. Even today, for example, women still like to choose tall men, although this is no longer necessary. The mating behavior has hardly changed. However, Perner does not believe in this Stone Age model. "The fatherless society is a sign of this."
Numerous studies want to prove this nonetheless. Women were shown photos of men with details of their occupation and asked which ones they found particularly attractive and sexy. Most erotic points went to doctors, pilots and university professors. Installers and mechanics were at the bottom. For men, on the other hand, according to Stifter, what counts as a rule is the attractiveness of women. Even simple waitresses or shop assistants could score points here. Fairy tales like “Pretty Woman” fit the scheme well.

The power pattern also works the other way round. If women have power and prestige, then the pattern also works the other way round. They arouse desires in low-ranking men. Princess Diana eroticized riding and tennis instructors as well as idlers à la Dodi Al Fayed. Madonna was irresistible to her fitness trainer, and he was happy to give the sperm donor. There is also an example of this recently on the home market. Andrea Kdolsky, Minister of Health, shows herself with a middle-management man who is ten years his junior. There are still individual phenomena, because powerful career women usually also love powerful men with great self-confidence who can endure a strong woman. The Munich couples therapist Stefan Woinoff calls this a “wrong prey scheme”, because if only men who are professionally at least as successful as they are eligible for the highly qualified, then the air is getting thinner and thinner.

While divorced , retired and older women hardly arouse interest and can only count on pity or envy, if the maintenance and the severance pay were high, younger women are well worth analyzes by experts. What motivates a capable thirty-year-old to mate with a man twice his age? Perner sees a father complex behind it. “You admire the personality of the older man, bask in his power and glamor and enjoy the social prestige. They fulfill their young girl's dreams. ”Perner recognizes two patterns in the interaction between young and old: in the father-daughter relationship, the alpha male likes to play the superior partner who explains and shows the world the world to the younger one. In the mother-son relationship, the man values ​​the loyal woman who, like the mother once, pampers him and fulfills all wishes. "If she backs off, does not focus and does not hinder me," says Lauda, ​​whose partner is around thirty, "and gives me positive energy, then that motivates me because I am driven by success."

Power, money and potency. “It's always about one thing,” says Adolf Holl, 82, religious philosopher. “Power must therefore always be seen in connection with sexuality.” A man wants to become powerful because he can then get all women. But that does not add any energy to the mighty, because the drainage of urges is basically weakened. A knowledge that was already valid in India 4,000 years ago. Priests, monks or clergymen were celibate and derived their high social prestige from it. Out of reach for women, they were all the more adored and adored. For Holl, however, asceticism is not a phenomenon of past millennia.
Holl counts today's politicians and managers, mostly serious workaholics, among the modern ascetics. After an 18-hour day, many of them are probably more tired than horny. Many women may not always be keen on sex. A US study found that 70 percent of the women surveyed would marry a man solely for his money.

So did the billionaire Karl Wlaschek Although soon to be 91 and not exactly an Adonis in terms of appearance, a rich selection of candidates. Christian Niedermeyer also has money, but he looks great too. Accordingly, the Feschak is in great demand with local women. He will soon lead one of them to the altar. In Spain, where Niedermeyer has a second home, he notices the difference. “Nobody there knows me,” laughs Niedermeyer, “a lot of people don't look after me.” Very poor.
Money takes precedence over beauty and power precedes money. This is also confirmed by the example of Sarkozy. Bruni has the millions. The prime minister in power.

By Doris Gerstmeyer