Why are influencers called influencers

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Definition of influencer

A Influencer (English to influence: to influence) is a person who, due to their strong and influential presence in the social media has a high reputation. Influencers are also called Opinion leader called because they can inspire fans for products through the many followers and their reach. Networking them in social media gives brands and companies the opportunity to share their product with one another high level of awareness To provide.

Which personalities can be influencers?

  • Politician
  • athlete
  • Journalists
  • Blogger
  • Celebrities
  • actor
  • YouTuber

Goals of the company in cooperation with influencers

  • Optimized Google ranking
  • Increasing awareness
  • Promotion of the products
  • traffic on the company website
  • More followers and subscribers on social networks
  • More Social signals (Likes, comments, shared posts)
  • Link building (more links that refer to the homepage)
  • Increase in sales
  • Lead generation

Selection criteria for companies to find suitable influencers

  • Fit product / service to the Target group?
  • credibility of the influencer
  • Activity on the net: which social media channels is the influencer on?
  • Number of networked people
  • Number of followers
  • Expert status in a certain area
  • Character traits that lead to Corporate philosophy fit?

The marketing of products and services through the use of influencers is known as Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is also called multiplier marketing and is part of online marketing.

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