Did Bungie just make the game Halo

Microsoft separates from Halo developer Bungie

As Microsoft announced in a press release today, it will no longer work with the Bungie development studio in the future. Above all, the popular action series "Halo" ensured that Bungie became internationally successful. According to the announcement, the separation from Bungie goes out because this company wants to produce games independently in the future. The rights to Halo parts 1, 2 and 3 remain with the Redmonders - the same applies to the upcoming strategy game "Halo Wars", which is being developed under the direction of the well-known director Peter Jackson.

Just recently, Microsoft and Bungie published the third part of the Halo series and turned over 300 million US dollars within a week. The Redmond-based company hope to finally be able to move their Xbox 360 game console out of the red.

The rumors of separation had already become known in advance, but the official announcement was waited until October in order not to negatively affect the last quarterly report. Bungie employees are said to have indicated that the cooperation with Microsoft is not going as desired.

The company is said to have too much control, from marketing to player communities. In addition, Bungie should only develop Halo parts in order to generate as much profit as possible. However, the developers want the freedom to tackle new projects.
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