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Many tribes live in remote areas and are not used to coming into contact with western travelers. So if you are going to such an "exotic" region, prepare well. This is not only good for yourself, but also for the people you will meet. Here are some Do's & Don'ts you can use as a guide:

- Find out in advance about the tribe to be visited and read about their traditions and customs. Then you will know better yourself what to expect when you visit. Your tour leader can often also provide you with information.

- First get in touch with the tribe members before you think about taking photos. You are dealing with people, not objects.

- Ask permission first if you want to take someone's picture. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to take a picture of. How would you feel if someone you don't know suddenly took photos of you? For some tribes, your tour leader or local guide will ask for permission.

- Include the locals in what you do. Take the time to talk (with your hands and feet) and show the picture you took. Or take some photos of your home with you so you can show what your life is like.

- Do not hand out things like sweets (there are often few / no dentists in the area), balloons (plastic pollutes the area), money or western items. In addition, these types of gifts can lead to disagreements, jealousy, or disputes between the different members of the tribe.

- Do not buy authentic, irreplaceable items (and do not accept them if they are given to you). Think, for example, of jewelry that belonged to the ancestors, objects of work such as sickles or hammers, or weapons such as bows and arrows. The tribe members often only realize after the tourists have left that they have lost their most valuable object.