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When I look into the eyes of Little Maggie, Nalani or my cat Smudo, I know I did everything right when I took them in. Everyone was grown up and looking for a responsible home. We have grown together into a wonderful blended family - each with a different background, but now with a common future.
I can only recommend anyone who wants to take an animal into their family - have a look at the animal shelter or animal welfare associations! So many loyal souls are waiting there and if you search long enough, you are sure to find your heart animal. And by the way, you've also done something good. Diana Eichhorn
The animal shelter heroes support practical animal welfare on site with their offer. Unfortunately, the time it takes to get animals from the shelter is increasing, so it is important to use every opportunity to find a loving home. This is exactly where the animal shelter heroes come in by offering a bridge between animal hunters and animal shelters - uncomplicated, without additional burden for the animal shelters and with an attractive appearance. Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association
We humans have a great responsibility towards animals. We like to have them around us so as not to feel lonely and get rid of them as soon as we no longer need them. As Charles Darwin said, animals feel joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness, just like humans. I am happy to be able to contribute with animal shelter heroes to beautify animals life a little again and hope that I can inspire young people in particular to actively support animal shelters. Peyman Amin
Life without a pug is possible, but pointless, ”said Loriot once. I had a dog myself and I know how much such a friend can enrich life and put everyday things into perspective. Of course, having a pet is also a big responsibility and not all of them manage it - usually the next station is called an animal shelter. It is all the more important that we find a nice new home for our small and large friends. Tierheimhelden offers a great and contemporary platform here! As a musician and animal lover, I am very happy to support this and hope that many more animals will find a great new home and a philanthropist in this way. Robert Redweik
My mother and I have taken in five dogs from animal shelters and death wards. Dogs that have been looking for a home and now finally have a contented life simply make you happy yourself. Animals are very important to me, that's why I'm an ambassador for tierheimhelden.de! Marcel Ostertag
Ms. Dagmar Wöhrl, member of the Bundestag, is particularly committed to animal welfare as the first chairwoman of the Tierschutzverein Nürnberg-Fürth: The state of a civilization can be recognized by its handling of animalsDagmar Woehrl
The Tierärztliche Vereinigung für Tierschutz e.V. (TVT) welcomes and supports the initiative of the "animal shelter heroes", which uses modern means of communication to help close the information gap between animal shelters and people who want to offer animals a home worthy of animals. “Animal shelter heroes” is animal welfare improvement that is put to use directly for the innocent animal in need. Therefore, the TVT, as a veterinary and animal welfare advocate for the interests of animals in the sense of a permanent improvement of animal welfare, gladly takes over the patronage of the animal shelter heroes. Prof. Dr. Thomas Blaha - TVT e.V.

Tierheimhelden was developed in 2012 as a platform for animal mediation in order to network animal hunters and animal shelters in the entire German-speaking area. This makes the search for a shelter animal much easier. But Tierheimhelden is much more than just an intermediary platform: animals and animal shelters can also be actively supported through donations, sponsorships and sharing posts in social networks. Tierheimhelden is a non-profit initiative and 100% free of charge for animal lovers and animal shelters.

The decision to buy / adopt a dog or buy / adopt a cat should be followed by thoughtful preparation. It is advisable to gather as much information as possible about the animals in the shelter.

The following questions can be helpful for a good start in your new home:

  • Why is the animal in the shelter?
  • What is known about the prehistory?
  • Does the animal need medication?
  • Does the animal have allergies / feed intolerance?
  • How does the animal behave towards other dogs, cats and people?

Animal shelters take in donated animals, found animals in need and abandoned animals, temporarily accommodate them in a species-appropriate manner and care for them in a competent and professional manner. Every year around 300,000 animals end up in animal shelters in Germany alone. Although an animal shelter should only be short-term care, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, small animals, birds, reptiles and other animal species often wait many months or even years for a new friend to give them a second chance in life.

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Not only puppies and adult animals, also many older animals and animals with disabilities have earned a loving new home and are very grateful and loyal friends. The individual characteristics of the animals extend over the entire spectrum: from calm to active, couch potato to sporty, from fearful to shy to open-minded towards people and other animals. So it should be carefully considered beforehand which characteristics suit you and your lifestyle.

Cats in animal shelters

In the case of cats, a placement with free access is sometimes preferred to placement in a purely residential housing. Outdoor cats are only given to where they can go outside. Indoor cats should not be kept alone in the household, as they get bored and unwanted behavioral problems can occur.

Guinea pigs, hamsters, birds & Co

Small animals and birds are only sold in pairs or groups. Enclosures and cages must have the required minimum dimensions. Under no circumstances will animals be given out as animal feed or for experimental purposes!