Why Do Cell Phones Have Safe Mode

Start and exit safe mode on Android - that's how it works

In order to solve problems with apps or the device software, there is a so-called "safe mode" on Android. We will show you how to start your device in safe mode and how to deactivate this mode again.

In this mode, the Android smartphone only loads the most necessary applications and settings. This eliminates problems if, for example, an app keeps crashing, the battery life is greatly reduced due to an unknown setting or the mobile phone runs slowly for an unknown reason. On Samsung devices, the mode is called "Save mode“.

Activate safe mode: This is how it works with Samsung, Huawei and Co.

Depending on the manufacturer, the method for starting the device with the minimum setting differs:

  • To activate Safe Mode, first turn off the device.
  • Do you have a Samsung device, for example a Samsung Galaxy S10, hold down the volume down buttonas soon as the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • With HTC and Sony Xperia phones, too, keep your finger on the volume down button when starting.
  • With Huawei and Google smartphones, press the power button for a few seconds when they are switched on. This is how the screen with the power off option appears. Hold your finger up Turn off and wait a few seconds. Then the selection to restart in Safe Mode will appear.

If everything went well, you will see a permanent message on the Android screen. Apps are then greyed out and won't start. If you make multiple attempts to run a greyed out application, the system asks you whether you want to exit safe mode.

Exit Safe Mode

Safe mode is just as easy as activating the mode break up. Simply switch your mobile phone off and on again in the normal way. The device starts as usual and all apps and functions are available again.

What is it and what does it bring?

Safe mode helps eliminate problems without completely resetting the device to factory settings. The mode does not change any of the system settings and does not delete any data.

Basic functions such as telephoning, SMS or surfing the web are still available. However, newly installed apps are blocked. If you find in the slimmed-down form that the device is running much more stable and faster than in normal mode, the smartphone is likely to be slowed down by a faulty app. Let the mobile phone run in this mode for a short time to check whether the smartphone works better in safe mode over a longer period of time.

In this case, in the safe state, you can gradually delete the most recently installed applications undisturbed in order to find the app that is causing the problems. If the device does not work as expected even in safe mode, there is probably another error that cannot be directly attributed to an installed app. In this case you cannot avoid a reset to the factory settings.