What is the greatest moment in history

"A moment in history"

Three parts of the Terra X series on ZDF were cut and color corrected with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

The three 45-minute documentaries were developed by South & Browse Fictual, a Munich-based production company belonging to South & Browse, and edited by Sebastian Riezler from Aufschnitt TV.

"Terra X has been broadcast during prime time on German television for many years and deals with a wide range of topics, including significant historical events, space exploration and the world's geographic wonders," explains Riezler. "I was engaged for the project because I already had creative and technical experience with this broadcast format from my work on previous Terra X productions."

Riezler describes that he chose DaVinci Resolve Studio for editing mainly because the series should be delivered in both SDR and HDR. “We couldn't handle previous projects without roundtripping, which made the post-production process complex and cumbersome. So this time we preferred the more efficient way of working with DaVinci Resolve.

The three documentaries are part of the season entitled "A Moment in History" and highlight key events such as the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig, which is considered the greatest battle on European soil in the 19th century, as well as the murder of Julius Caesar and the storming of the Bastille .

Each contribution contains scenic reconstructions that the moderator can virtually freeze in order to walk around the set and interact with characters and props. Interviews with historians, some of which were filmed with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, alternate with other scenes. "Since the scenes were filmed with different cameras and frame rates, there was a lot to do to ensure that the different editing versions flowed together seamlessly in the end," continues Riezler. »At some points in the films the movement stops completely, for which I use speedramps, which I brought to 0% with Resolve's optical flow function. That produced impressive effects. "

In order to speed up the process for the first rough cut of the films, Riezler relied on the DaVinci Resolve Editor keyboard. "The keyboard and the Cut workspace are perfectly coordinated and made the often difficult tasks at the beginning of a project much easier," he explains. "The shuttle controller was great from an ergonomic point of view."

"Although every Terra X documentary has its own style and identity, all films have the same high quality standards when it comes to their completion," Riezler concluded. »With the DaVinci Resolves post-pro pipeline as a stable and flexible basis, we were able to create numerous, high-quality deliverables in a format suitable for prime time. And the team had more time to get involved in production as creatively as possible. "