How grenade launcher rounds work

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Get the grenade launcher in the sewers and find the secret passage

Run a few steps and immediately left into the door, where you will find one Storage room with typewriter and box. Then you collect that red herb and in the lockers you will find Pistol ammunition and Shotgun ammunition. The one to the left of the door is also important Sewer map. If you have everything, go out and down the aisle to the left.

You pass an exciting window, but it doesn't go in here yet. So keep going around the corner and down the stairs. Go through to the end and to the door on the left. This is locked and you will find one next to it Note on increased sewer security. So you need a battery. Go back and then immediately to the right where you go into the canal water. Then you slide down, which Jill comments very correctly. A few meters later you will find one in the garbage on the right Hand grenade.

There is a ladder just to your right around the corner, but there is nothing for you to do yet, so keep going. At the fork go straight on. Now have your hand grenade and shotgun ready, because there is one thing you cannot do with the beast coming here: dodge safely. It's called a Hunter Gamma and when you get closer to him, then he grabs and eats you in one piece, no matter how much life energy you still have. But he is no problem as long as you have a hand grenade ready: When the hunter opens his mouth - which he only does when he is close enough - then throw the grenade and that's it. No wonder.

If you have to fight with weapons, then run back a little, but not too far, because the Hunter has to open his mouth for you to do real damage. If you take the pistol, fire one round until it closes its mouth, and you back away. Then run back a little, because backing away is too slow and you have room to move back. It goes much faster with the shotgun, where he falls over after four or five good hits.

Walk down the corridor in which you met the Hunter to the end, then go up the ladder on the left. Open the door and you are in another one Storage space. You grab the one on the left Explosives B, then grab the to the right of the typewriter MLG grenade launcher. Then there are those Bill from Gun Shop Kendo and that on the right Research assistant's diary.

Take the grenade launcher with its two incendiary projectiles with, or two hand grenades or at least ten rounds of shotgun ammunition. Exit the storage room and go back down the corridor, then to the left. Two gammas follow one after the other, which you either kill with the grenade launcher - the gammas don't seem to like fire at all - or as you think.

Right behind the second gamma you will find two incendiary grenadesto refill the ones that have just been missed. If you have it, go back to the "waterfall"that rushes down from above. Beyond that, a corridor continues and you come to a corpse where you find a box in which Gunpowder lies. You think so too Shotgun ammunition and the Note from a sewer worker. Then go back and look for one behind the bars next to the ladder just before the laboratory Charlie figure behind. Keep going up the ladder and you will come to the laboratory.

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