Are there disadvantages of civil engineering

Civil engineering worker

Type of training

Dual education

What do you do?

Carry out construction work in the field of road construction, pipeline construction, sewer construction, track construction and well construction.

Duration of training in years



Industry and trade, craft

Places of work
(Where do you work?)

Construction site, civil engineering

What are the distinctive features of this job?

What interests should you have?

Build / furnish / clean

Which requirements should one meet?

Good observation, dexterity, care, flexibility, enjoyment of physical work, high reaction speed, manual dexterity, body control, team spirit, technical understanding

What are the advantages of this profession?

Business start-up possible, short training period

What are the disadvantages of this profession?

Frequent absence, heavy physical work

Which school subjects should you like?

Mathematics, physics, technology, works

Assignment in our big career choice test

Craft and technical professions with physical strain

Alternative professions that might interest you

Road builder, construction worker, well builder, building construction worker, insulation technician, sewer builder, pipeline builder, specialist civil engineer

Advanced training possible for

Road builder, well builder, track builder, sewer builder, pipeline builder, specialist civil engineer

Apprentices in this profession have the following school qualifications

secondary schools

62,00 %

secondary school

27,00 %

high school

4,00 %

Training allowance in the apprenticeship years during the training

Apprenticeship year





Average salary

675 € - 755 €

895 € - 1.115 €



Average salary after training

1.315 € - 3.311 €

Have passed the final exam at the first attempt

75,00 %

Have terminated their training prematurely

30,10 %

Job title trainee / trainee

Civil engineering worker /
Civil engineering workers

Training positions nationwide


Ranking nationwide by number of apprenticeships (as of 2011)