Who were the first celebrities

Celebrities under the palm trees

Candidates and Winners

Celebrities under the palm trees was broadcast for the first time in spring 2020 on SAT.1. Bastian Yotta was the winner of the first season. The ten candidates of the first season were:

  • Désirée Nick (cabaret artist, ex- "jungle queen))
  • Bastian Yotta (emigrant, "Goodbye Germany", "jungle camp")
  • Tobias Wegener ("Love Island)
  • Claudia Obert (Luxury Lady, "Celebrity Big Brother")
  • Carina Spack ("Bachelor in Paradise")
  • Ennesto Monté ("Naked Attraction")
  • Eva Benetatou ("The Bachelor", "Celebrity Big Brother")
  • Matthias Mangiapane ("Off to the bed", "Hott or scrap")
  • Ronald Schill ("Judge Merciless")
  • Janine Pink ("Cologne 50667")

The first season was overshadowed by a bullying scandal. After there was massive criticism of an episode in which the group behaved particularly nasty towards Claudia Obert, SAT.1 even temporarily removed this episode from the media library. The society lady was referred to as "cattle" and "schizo", compared to the pus of a pimple and systematically beaten up.

Winner Bastian Yotta was also absent from the big reunion. SAT.1 had previously distanced itself from Yotta because of misogynistic statements and announced that no further programs were planned with him.

The rules for celebrities under palm trees

Every week a candidate has to leave the villa. In each episode, two new team captains are determined through a game, who then put together a team for the team duel. In addition, they are protected from being eliminated in the corresponding episode.

The captain of the losing team in the team duel must nominate two celebrities from his team. The nominees of the winning team decide by their nomination which of the two nominated celebrities has to leave the villa immediately.

The winner of Celebrities under the palm trees wins € 100,000.