Why is Yuvraj Singh not retiring?

Happiest innings you've ever seen? A rule that you want to change? Hussain and Bumble answer your teasers

Without live cricket being played due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Sportsmail columnists Nasser Hussain and David Lloyd are answering your questions.

In the latest issue, the two talk about lucky bats, rule changes, and the best way to beat the Aussies ...

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How many bats do you have in a year? Was it a lucky one?

Nasser: I've had a lucky five or six in my career - it was the one that got me running out of time. But by the end of my career I was an absolute fruit loop with my bats. I would play with the handles and take Gray-Nicolls bats on the way from me to Warsop to get them off weight and make adjustments to the handle etc.

Even if I would throw my bat during times that I was, I did try to look after you when I found one I was happy with.

Nasser Hussain had a lucky five or six bats during his career with Essex and England


Bumble: When I started we bought two bats for four pounds, 11 shillings and I still have the bill somewhere. Gosh, you were looking for you because you don't want to spend another four pounds, 11 shillings - I was only on seven pounds a week.

She patted you up, put linseed oil on and prayed you would last season. I still have the bat that I hit my double hundred for England with. I signed it, but the flamed signatures are fading.

Should we give us a Kookaburra ball to give us more chances of beating the Aussies?

Bumble: I think balls around the world should be made to the same specifications, with the same number of meshes, and the same width of the seam. I think the Dukes have the better ball. I can't understand why the kookaburra goes so soft.

Eoin Morgan may have considered bowing after winning the World Cup last year

Nasser: I don't think everything should be geared towards hitting Australia, but maybe summer, before going there, you might want to prepare groundsmen for shallower places. What is more important, the right kind of bowler. You can't go to Australia with four medium-fast men and a finger spinner. Do you need extra pace.

Nasser, you bowed at the top with a test tone. Should Eoin Morgan retire after the World Cup?

Nasser: It was certainly a case for him and I am sure that it exceeded Eoin's mind as there is never a better way to go than the World Cup final.

But the difference in my case is that I was done and dusted off. I would be completely encrypted. Eoin still has so much to give and we may be a little early to tell people it's time to go.

Do you have a floor where you couldn't go wrong ... Or right?

Nasser: I couldn't do anything right at Old Trafford, even if it's always a good eyelash pitch. I have fond memories of Edgbaston and Trent Bridge. I love Sydney because I'm still running and we won there.

Bumble: I was awful Headingley. And mr. I loved Old Trafford, but I always seemed to be doing all rights to Hampshire old ground in Southampton.

Joe Root plays the game with a smile on his face, has rhythm and is easy on the eye

Who is your favorite England player since entering the comment box?

Bumble: Kevin Pietersen on Ability and I love Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad. See Jimmy where he's from, Burnley is great and he still pops back to his old club. It's a source of pride round my way.

Nasser: Joe Root. For the whole package. He's a great ambassador for his country, plays the game with a smile on his face, has a nice rhythm for his game and is easy on the eye. With all the pressure of the armband, he always has time for you and is a really nice boy. He promotes the game damn well.

England's test keeper: Jos Buttler or Ben Foakes?

Nasser: The fact that England is stuck with Jos Buttler for Sri Lanka should mean that you give him another three or four games when Test cricket starts again. He's so talented and did it in test cricket. But he himself said he needs to get running pretty fast if he plays again or there will be a change whether England are going to Ben Foakes or Jonny Bairstow.

Bumble: I read in his interview with our paper that Foakes had problems enjoying the game and that would be in my favor. Going back, you'd say Jack Russell was arguably a better keeper than Alec Stewart, but you'd pick Stewart.

Go back even further and Alan Knott would play before Bob Taylor. I think the same is true now with Jos. That's it, I would be looking.

Should Jos Buttler be given another three or four games when Test cricket starts again

Favorite overseas cities to visit?

Nasser: I love the culture of Mumbai, I really enjoy Cape Town because of the soil and where we stay and, even though it's not a city, Barbados. Everything about the place and the Caribbean cricket is great.

Bumble: Melbourne. I love walking down to the Fitzroy because there are some fantastic pubs and restaurants.

Barbados is fantastic and the third for me is Lahore. I used to really enjoy going to the markets when we were there and the Badshahi Mosque which seats 110,000 people.

If you could change one rule in cricket what would it be?

Bumble: How many do you want? I don't think players should be allowed to have a drink outside of designated breaks. You get two when it's hot every session as it is. It's just wasted time.

And if a player leaves the field of play no substitute should be allowed for three rounds. It's about improving over-prices, which are just not good enough.

Carlos Brathwaite produced a brilliant ad batting the 2016 World T20 Final

Nasser: We have to do something about tariffs. You fight 90 in a day even with the extra half an hour. More umpiring when things slow down has the ability to do it.

What was the happiest innings you played or seen?

Bumble: If I was beaten the newspapers would always say the same: "Always sick of lightness and never in command."

I once did a hundred in 100 overs for Lancs against Leicester and Ray Illingworth said it was the worst innings he had ever seen!

But the one I remember was Mike Atherton making 17 at Southport in 1994 against Somerset and a fast, wild Dutch bowler named Andre van Troost. Athers took him on until he ran out of breath and cashed our mean order.

Nasser: Nathan Astle double hundred for New Zealand against us in Christchurch in 2002 was the best innings that didn't win a game! My hundred earlier in this game on a green drop-in pitch was one of my scratchiest but also gave me almost as much joy as the double hundred in Edgbaston because it got us a competitive score.

Don't like cricket, name of the sporting event you most want to go to after lockdown?

Nasser: I enjoy my occasional trips to Wimbledon, but I've always wanted to go to the Masters. I love golf and I want to know what Augusta is really like.

Bumble: Thirsk Races. They talk about racing behind closed doors and I really hope that comes off. I flipped my love racing.

Ben Stokes to Carlos Brathwaite in the 2016 Worldwide T20 Final. Terrible over or brilliant batting?

Bumble: Brilliant batting. He was absolutely in the zone and I have the same feeling as when I was watching Yuvraj Singh tonk Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over in Durban. Ben tried everything and it didn't matter. He was just about to get out of the park. It was a great spectacle.

Nasser: A bit of both. Ben would admit he got his Yorkers wrong and rolled way too straight, but the pressure upsets your brain and any credit to keep him off that bad for ever. Brathwaite hasn't done much since then, but I remember the conversation with Ian Bishop just before and he told me to watch out for him. It was the grand finale - more eyelashes.

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