Is the work culture at TCS bad

Difference Between Infosys and TCS

Difference Between Infosys and TCS

• While both TCS and Infosys seek to recruit new graduates from prestigious engineering schools across the country, Infosys has recently retired from more aggressive employment as it is an expansion mode.

• While TCS is more interested in BPO, Infosys is known for its efficient advisory services.

• Infosys is more belligerent in acquiring large businesses from overseas customers, while TCS has more IT-related tasks in the government sector, such as providing software for banks and healthcare.

• TCS and Infosys have their own products and specialized services such as TCS Quartz and Infy Finacle.

• While both are efficient and known for delivering on time, TCS is cheaper than Infosys at providing IT-related solutions to customers. However, Infosys guarantees better quality than TCS.

• The employees in Infosys are under high work pressure, while in TCS they are more relaxed. You will never hear a no from a daycare center at Infosys while TCS managers refuse to work and work at their own pace.

• While Infosys has a well-developed advertising process, TCS is absent from this department.

• Infosys is strict about the payment of taxes by its employees, while TCS takes the side of the employees.

• In terms of infrastructure, Infosys is world-class, while TCS is way behind.

• Infosys also scores points in terms of work culture compared to TCS, with Infosys being more professional.