How does a McDonald's hamburger taste

Finkbeiner To Go - This is how the new vegan burger from McDonald’s tastes

415 calories, 3.70 euros: The Big Vegan TS has been available in many McDonald’s branches since yesterday. “Although the proportion of vegans in Germany is still relatively low,” a company spokesman wrote in a press release that “the far-reaching trend” is taken up. The price of the burger is based on the meat variants. So if you do not forego meat for ethical, health or ecological reasons, you will not necessarily be encouraged to buy the new burger via the cost argument. The calorie content does not differ noticeably from other products in the fast food chain (double cheeseburger: 442 calories; Hamburger Royal TS: 455 calories). The Big Vegan TS consists of sesame rolls, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickled cucumber, mustard and ketchup. The centerpiece is a patty based on soy and wheat protein, which is deep-fried so that it does not come into contact with the meat patties on the kitchen grill.

Those who like the McDonald’s taste also like the vegan burger

And how does the new burger taste? The patty has a red color due to the addition of beetroot and thus comes close to a roasted pink meatball. If the patty is tasted solo, the grain portion stands out. In combination with the other ingredients, this detail is lost in the overall perception. On the other hand, the texture of the patty is remarkable: juicy, slightly grainy, but with a smooth bite, the mouthfeel in its entirety comes close to that of the meat variants. Even if the hearty meat note is missing (especially in the finish), the burger is not dry or even strawy on the palate - as is often the case with vegan burgers based on grain - but can hardly be distinguished from other McDonald’s products in this regard. And of course that's a crucial point, because after all, the company itself advertises with the slogan "Only McDonald’s taste like this": Only those who like the taste design of the fast food chain should have nothing to complain about with the Big Vegan TS. If you don't like it, you don't like the new one either.

From Hannes Finkbeiner