What did the original Dravidians look like?

What is the purpose of the caste system? How has it changed?

The concept of caste is very difficult to defend because it has received so much bad light.

But here is a scientific explanation.

Thousands of years ago there were limited professions - agriculture, commerce, arts, professional services (carpentry, digging, etc.) and warrior.

There was no concept of recruiting bazaars or on-campus recruiting. All professions were learned through only one model - internship. So there was ONE Guru and many SHISYAS. After the death of the gurus, the SHISHYAS would become gurus and pass on the knowledge.

With no print and no books, there was no storage medium for skills. People were the storage medium. In such a society it would be difficult to change careers. If you're into farming, no matter what you wanted to do, stick with farming. There was no concept of "DREAMS, AIMS, LIKES, DISLIKES". There was only one concept "DO or DIE"

Manu captured this knowledge transfer process by giving it brand names like Kshatriyas, Brahmins, Vaishyas. This branding exists everywhere, in all societies. It still exists today in the form of "COO, CEO, CTO, CIO, sales manager, operations manager, etc.".

For some reason, Manu's writings have become toxic material to readers. And the reason for that is simple.

Over the centuries, as more services came and the ROI on services got better than agriculture, the equation of power shifted. So the farmers got poor and the ministry people got rich. So this changing social equation meant that the symbols of such power and influence exercised by people who controlled agriculture and trade had to be targeted and destroyed. So Manu's writings have become corrupt and wrong. And Hindus have to constantly answer such questions in every forum.

But I think that's fine. The most important aspect is that the change has taken place and is happening peacefully without civil war, murder and blood. That is what the more mature societies do when they are on the wrong side of things. And that's the great thing about answering that question.

How do you deal with the inadequacies of your religions and make changes, embrace them, accept them and move on instead of wallowing in knee-deep blood, anger and vengeance?

Time flies

Very good answer! One thing, I never expected anyone to "defend" the caste system. These things are awkward. They might have been relevant at some point in the past, but not today and definitely not in the future. But it is important that we understand the reasoning.


You are wrong to say that Manu (Smriti) gave the labels for the Varnas. They appear for the first time in Yajur Veda before Manu Smriti.