What are the most innovative conference organizers

Planning a conference: trade fairs versus conferences - which organizer is more digital?

Which exact measures and to what extent they are already being implemented can be found in theXING Events Study "Conventions and Conferences in Transition - How Digital Innovations are Changing the Industry" read up.

There are greater differences between trade fair and conference organizers compared to seminar organizers. Both in terms of marketing and ticket sales. So they preferOrganizers of trade fairs often still use the more classic digital measures, while conference organizers are more innovative.

Exhibition organizers are even more traditional

TheConference organizer are compared to the organizers of trade fairs something more digital on the go. In particular, digital event marketing is very pronounced with both types of event organizers, both via website, social media or via email marketing. Also interesting in this regard is the fact that 48% of the conference and even56% of the trade fair organizers still use classic print advertising.

The conference organizers are also bolder when it comes to social media. They are already represented on several channels and, according to their own statements, also use them more intensively to market their events. It is noticeable here that conference organizers use LinkedIn 12% more for event marketing than their colleagues from the trade fair industry. Trade fair organizers are also using the XING business network much less intensively.

The trade fair organizers are still cautious when selling tickets on social media. Here, just 10% use XING as a sales platform. Sell ​​on the other handtwice as many conference organizers their tickets through this channel.

When it comes to ticket sales, however, both organizers are almost in agreement: They prefer to sell their tickets on their own website viaOnline ticket shop or bye-mail.

The 3 biggest differences are ...

  1. ticket sales via XING: Twice as many conference organizers use XING to sell their tickets. However, only 10% of the trade fair organizers use the network for sales.
  2. Marketing via LinkedIn: 12% fewer trade fair organizers as a conference organizeruse LinkedIn for event marketing. The organizers of trade fairs also use XING significantly less.
  3. ticket sales via social media:Both types of event organizers tend to be cautious about social media. But10% of the conference organizers use these channelsmore compared to the trade fair organizers.

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