Smaller penises satisfy women

Doctor Sex: "His small penis doesn't satisfy me!"


Mareike has a new friend. Everything would be perfect, but with his mini genitalia he does not manage to satisfy her vaginally. Could penis enlargement help?

Question from Mareike (33) to Doktor Sex: I've recently been in a relationship with a great man. He is very attractive to me and when we are together I feel really good with him. Still, there is a tiny problem: his penis is so small that he cannot satisfy me vaginally. Since sex is very important to me, I'm pretty torn. Should I still fully engage with him under these circumstances? And maybe there are ways to enlarge your penis?

Dear Mareike

If you believe the advertising in magazines and on relevant online portals, penis enlargements are not only possible without problems, but also lead to overwhelming results. But the reality is quite different. Many of these offers actually only have one effect: They reduce the account balance of the man who buys the products.

In addition to the useless pills and ointments, there is also the possibility of surgical intervention to achieve a change in length and thickness. However, this is minimal with one to a maximum of two centimeters, so that the financial effort is not worth it. All the more so since the penis of some can be irreversibly damaged. And because - as with any operation - there is a certain risk that something goes wrong during the procedure. For example, that complications occur during wound healing or that the man then has to accept losses in sensitivity and / or erectile function.

The solution to the problem is therefore more up to you and your concepts of sex and satisfaction. If your ideas about it necessarily go hand in hand with a large penis, it will be easiest if you leave this man and look for one who meets your needs. Otherwise, you will find solutions to compensate for the size of your friend's penis. For example, by getting yourself a dildo and using it with it.

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