How do I get citizenship in France

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Do you have German citizenship and are considering applying for naturalization in France or another country?

In principle, a German loses his citizenship if he acquires the citizenship of another country on application without a written approval to retain the German citizenship ("Beibehaltungsgenehmigung").

Since an amendment to the Citizenship Act that came into force on August 28, 2007, this loss no longer occurs if, after this date, the Citizenship of an EU member state or Switzerland is acquired. A retention permit is not required in this constellation, the German citizenship is automatically continued in addition to the newly acquired one. As a German citizen, however, you are obliged to inform your passport authority about the acquisition of an additional citizenship. You are therefore asked to either send a copy of your naturalization certificate by post / email to the diplomatic mission responsible for your passport issuesor to present it there at the latest when you apply for your next passport / identity card:

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Or at the municipality in which you are registered in Germany.

Unless you have a other citizenship (except EU and Switzerland) want to apply, you will find important information on the website of the Federal Office of Administration about the before the acquisition The retention permit to be obtained for foreign citizenship. This applies, for example, to the acquisition of Monegasque citizenship: Since Monaco is not a member of the European Union, you will lose German citizenship when you acquire Monegasque citizenship at your own request, unless you have been given a so-called retention permit (BBG) before naturalization in Monaco is. When applying for a retention permit, it is advisable to explain your ties to Germany, because of which you do not want to lose your German citizenship, and - where possible - to substantiate this with evidence (tax notices, apartment purchase agreement, employment contract, etc.).

Note: Anyone who acquired a foreign nationality by birth and, at the same time, German nationality by descent from a German parent, automatically has both nationalities without having to apply for a retention permit.