How long does the Marine Recon Training last

Special Forces - The toughest training in the world

Season 1, episodes 1-6

  • 1. US Rangers (Ranger School)

    Season 1, Episode 1 (60 min.)

    Extreme physical stress combined with sleep and food deprivation: The training at the US Army Ranger School in Fort Benning, Georgia, is considered one of the toughest and most demanding in the world. In order to be allowed to wear the coveted badge of the US elite troops, the applicants for the special unit go through hell for eight and a half weeks. Their motto is: "Only those who can perform at their best under the toughest conditions will survive on the battlefield". According to this motto, the recruits have to survive miles of forced marches, swim in icy water and crawl through mud for hours before they can prove their skills in simulated combat exercises. The aim of this ordeal is to sort out all men who lack the qualifications for the tasks of a "US ranger". (Text: DMAX)

  • 2nd rescue parachutist (Air Force Pararescue)

    Season 1, Episode 2 (60 min.)

    The "US Air Force Pararescue" is a well-equipped search and rescue force for special missions. The members of the air rescue team take care of wounded soldiers behind enemy lines. Her motto is: So that others live! The physical and mental demands on this job are enormous. The training of the "PJ’s", short for parajumpers, takes over two years, but only a few are even allowed to participate in the training. An extremely tough, nine-week selection process awaits those who make it onto the shortlist. A good half of the time, the aspirants are relentlessly grinded with endurance, swimming and diving training. The physical demands are increased from day to day. They then have to prove their suitability in simulated rescue missions - under extreme conditions. Few of them are up to this drill. (Text: DMAX)

  • 3rd US Marines (US Marine Recon)

    Season 1, Episode 3 (60 min.)

    They are the eyes and ears of the US Navy and look out from behind enemy lines - a job description that makes the missions of the American "Recon Marines" extremely dangerous. The requirements for applicants for the elite unit are correspondingly high. The soldiers are subjected to demanding endurance tests in a three-month "basic course for reconnaissance". Under extreme drill, the "Special Forces" aspirants have to prove their suitability for special military tasks. In Coronado, California, they march on the beach for miles, swim in full riot gear in the ice-cold ocean and rappel down from helicopters in rough seas. The training of the Recon Marines is so tough that some of them quit after 15 minutes. (Text: DMAX)

  • 4. Special Forces Diver

    Season 1, episode 4 (60 min.)

    Many people can hold their breath underwater. Mastering extreme situations without being able to take a breath, however, requires a body control that hardly anyone can match. The instructors at Trumbo Point, near Key West in Florida, confront their applicants - all of them merited soldiers of the U.S. Army - with this fear of drowning. In a particularly difficult exercise, men have their wrists and ankles handcuffed. Then they have to swing back and forth between the surface and the bottom for minutes in the three-meter-deep pool, then roll forwards and backwards and, to check their pulse, swim 100 meters in between. Anyone who drops the mask, touches the edge of the pool or tears their bonds, has not passed the endurance test. The aim of such exercises: To filter out the candidates who panic during high physical stress and extreme shortness of breath. In an emergency, it can be done quickly

    end fatally. (Text: DMAX)

  • 5. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Navy EOD)

    Season 1, episode 5 (60 min.)

    In the opinion of many experts, these men do the most dangerous job of all US armed forces: The "Navy EODs" of the American Navy are always used when deadly weapons have to be removed in combat situations. A task that is absolutely indispensable in modern warfare. If troops encounter unconventional explosive devices, so-called "IEDs", they usually withdraw immediately. Then the bomb experts come into action. Since the "EODs" often advance together with special units, they also have to complete training units in diving and skydiving during their training. Rescuing hostages is another important part of their tough program. (Text: DMAX)

  • 6.Snipers (Marine Snipers)

    Season 1, episode 6 (60 min.)

    Long distances are no problem for the US Marine Corps' scout snipers. A trained “sniper” aims at his targets from a distance of 800 meters. In addition, the members of this special unit are also masters of the art of camouflage, because they often operate behind enemy lines. During such missions they wear so-called “Ghillie Suits”, camouflage clothes made of sackcloth, which they melt into their surroundings like forest spirits. In the training center in Camp Pendleton, California, 32 Marines come together to demonstrate their suitability for the elite “Special Forces”. But experience shows that every third person is not up to the demands of this tough training. (Text: DMAX)


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