What if Trump is the Antichrist

US Embassy opens in Jerusalem : "Trump is on your right side, God"

Jews go to hell. “As a Jew you cannot be redeemed, that is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ.” Mormons, Muslims, Hinduists also go to hell. “The Prophet Mohammed was a pedophile.” The Catholic Church is an instrument of the devil. “It's like counterfeit money.” Barack Obama was not the Antichrist, “but he paved the way for the future rule of the Antichrist”. What homosexuals do is dirty. "And their filthy behavior explains why so many of them are prone to disease."

Quotes of this kind abound from Robert Jeffress. The 62-year-old pastor of the "First Baptist Church of Dallas" in the US state of Texas likes to speak plainly. He is a right-wing evangelical, has his own radio program, and appears on television a lot. He is also one of Donald Trump's closest evangelical advisers.

That is why the US President invited him to say a prayer at the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. Trump values ​​Jeffress. At a private service on the day of the President's inauguration in Washington D.C. the clergyman delivered the sermon.

With the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, a dream has come true for American evangelicals. Many of them believe that the Jews have a biblical right to the entire Holy Land. They reject any territorial compromise. The strongest Greater Israel lobby in the United States today is not in New York, California or Florida, but in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi. With regard to Israel, "Trump is on your right side, God," Jeffress said on Monday at the embassy opening in Jerusalem.

Mitt Romney criticized Jeffress' participation

Another US television preacher, John C. Hagee, gave the final blessing. He founded the organization "Christians United for Israel". Hagee wrote that Hitler was part of God's plan to return the Jews to Israel. When the city of New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane "Katrina" in 2005, Hagee called it "God's punishment for the sins of this city".

One of many who criticized Jeffress' participation in the embassy opening was former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. "Such a bigoted person should not say the prayer that the United States Embassy opens in Jerusalem," wrote Romney. In Israel, too, some are now wondering whether America's right-wing evangelicals are really their country's best friends.

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