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"The situation is extremely serious" : Canada is the largest P1 hotspot outside of Brazil

In the third wave of Covid, Canadians are confronted with shocking numbers every day. Never before have so many patients been in intensive care units. Patients are being flown to other locations from clinics in the country's largest city, Toronto.

Around 9,000 new infections are reported every day. Canada has an incidence of 165 - similar to Germany. However, only about 37 million people live in Canada. Last year, the country appeared to be more successful than the United States in the fight against Covid. The picture has turned.

Canada is worse off than its neighbors when it comes to vaccinations and new infections. Virus mutations are particularly widespread in Québec, British Columbia and Ontario.

"The situation in the intensive care units is really a disaster," says a doctor who treats cancer patients in a hospital in the capital Ottawa. Operations have to be postponed. The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa, which previously only accepted patients under the age of 18, is now providing intensive care beds for patients under 40 years of age.

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"The situation is extremely serious"

"That has never happened in the 47-year history of the CHEO and reflects how serious the third wave of the pandemic is," explains Alex Munter, President of the clinic. The crisis also reveals serious shortcomings in the healthcare system.

"The situation is extremely serious," warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Intensive care beds and hospitals are filling up in many areas of the country. The patients are younger and younger. "

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As much as possible will be vaccinated, "but now the more contagious and dangerous variants are threatening the progress we have made." The main concern is the proliferation of the aggressive Brazilian mutant P1.

British Columbia is now considered the region with the most P1 cases outside of Brazil.

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