Was Hitler a bad person in himself?

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When you hear the name Adolf Hitler, you immediately think of unimaginable crimes and the deaths of millions of people. But Hitler was not born a "bad person". It was only in the course of his life that he became a cruel dictator. He could have developed differently and made different decisions.

Psychologists and biologists assume that children are born with certain characteristics. But no child is evil from birth. For how they develop and behave, their experiences and their environment are also decisive.

In retrospect, it is difficult to say when exactly Adolf Hitler developed his inhuman worldview. There have been some experiences in his life that may have contributed to the fact that, as a tyrant, he ultimately misused his power for inhuman ends.

Hitler himself experienced violence as a child. He was beaten by his strict father. In addition, he was on his own from a very early age. Both of his parents died when he was young: his father when he was 14, his mother when he was 18.

At first he experienced some failures: he attended five different schools and eventually dropped out of secondary school. Hitler wanted to be a painter. However, he was not accepted as a student at the Art Academy in Vienna. At first he didn't get a job. For some time he had to live in a homeless shelter.

From 1914 Hitler fought as a soldier in the First World War. He experienced bad things and was badly wounded several times.

It is unclear what significance these events had for his subsequent brutal rule. There are also people who have similar experiences and do not become violent.

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