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Famous speeches in world history: 

Here are some famous speeches by famous people.




Famous speech by Al Sharpton:

Al Sharpton's funeral speech at the funeral of George Floyd in German (June 4, 20)

I want us not to sit here and pretend we have a funeral planned. George Floyd shouldn't be among the dead. He didn't die of illness. He died of a general malfunction in the American criminal justice system. He died because no one introduced a corrective ... read on


Famous speech by Winston Churchill:

House of Commons speech by Churchill May 1940 "Blood, tears and sweat"

On Friday evening I received His Majesty's assignment to form a new government. It was the clear wish and will of Parliament and the nation that this government should be formed on the broadest possible basis and should include all parties. I've already completed the most important part of this assignment ... read on

Famous speech by Winston Churchill:

Churchill speech June 1940 "We will never surrender"

Even if large parts of Europe and many old and famous states have fallen or come under the grip of the Gestapo and all the despicable instruments of the Nazi government, we will not slacken or fail. We will go to the end, we will fight in France, we will fight on the seas and oceans ... read on


Famous speech by Joseph Goebbels:

Goebbels speech Berlin Sportpalast "Do you want total war?"

I therefore want to equip my remarks with all the holy seriousness and open frankness that the hour demands of us. The German people, educated, trained and disciplined under National Socialism, can stand the whole truth. It knows how difficult the situation in the empire is, and its leadership can therefore also ask it to take the hardships necessary from the distress of the situation ... read on


Famous speech by John F. Kennedy:

John F. Kennedy speech: "I am a Berliner" 1963

My Berliners! I am proud to come to your city today as the guest of your outstanding Governing Mayor, who is considered a symbol of the struggle and spirit of resistance in West Berlin in all parts of the world. I am proud to have visited the Federal Republic of Germany on this trip together with your outstanding Federal Chancellor ... read on


Famous speech by Mark Antony:

Mark Antony's speech to the Roman people (from Shakespeare "Julius Caesar")

Fellow citizens! Friends! Romans! Hear me: I want to bury Caesar, not praise him. Whatever evil people do, they survive; the good is often buried with them. So be it with Caesar too! The noble Brutus told you that he was full of domination ... read on


Famous speech by Martin Luther King:

Speech Martin Luther King 1961 "I have a dream"

I am delighted to join this event today, which will be recorded in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. A century ago a famous American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the proclamation of freedom .... read on


Famous speech by Steve Jobs:

Speech Steve Jobs - Stanford University 2005 "Stay Hungry, Stay Silly"

I never graduated from college. To tell the truth, I've never gotten closer to college than here at your college graduation ceremony. Today I would like to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories ... read on


Famous speech by Napoleon Bonaparte:

Farewell speech by Napoleon Bonaparte - 1814 - "France‘s happiness was my only thought"

Soldiers of my old guard, I say goodbye. For twenty years I have accompanied you on the road to honor and glory. In these last difficult times, as in the days of success, you had been an unwavering example of courage and loyalty. With people like you, our concerns could not be lost; But then the war would go on indefinitely .. read on


Famous speech by Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech as President 1994 "The time has come for the wounds to heal"

the land of newborn freedom, shine and hope. From the experience of an extraordinary human calamity that has lasted far too long, a society must be born of which all of humanity can be proud. Our daily actions as ordinary South Africans must create a South African reality ... read on


Famous speech by Barack Obama:

Speech Barack Obama "Yes we can" - "Yes, we can do it"

Hello Chicago. If there is anyone out there who still doubts America is a place where anything is possible, who still wonders whether the dream of our founders is alive today, who raises questions about the power of our democracy, got an answer today. It is the answer given by the queues in front of schools and churches, in numbers this nation has never seen ... read on


Famous speech by Richard von Weizsäcker:

Speech Weizsäcker 1985 "We have to accept the past"

Many peoples today commemorate the day on which the Second World War ended in Europe. According to its fate, each people has its own feelings about it. Victory or defeat, liberation from injustice and foreign rule or transition to new dependency, division, new alliances, enormous shifts in power - May 8, 1945 is a date of decisive historical importance in Europe ... read on

Famous speech by Pericles:

Pericles Fallen Speech "The death of these men reveals their worth"

Our ancestors gave us a form of government that is unique in the known world. Our noble city of Athens has created all the institutions that are necessary to equip it for peace as well as for war. This Athens with you as citizens has repulsed all attacks of the barbarians and the Helene with manly courage. Sparta with its overwhelming power - defeated! ... read on Pericles' speech


Famous speech by Mahatma Ghandi:

Speech Mahatma Gandhi - 1942 "Quit India"

There are people who have hatred for the British in their hearts. I've heard of people who are disgusted with them. The common people do not distinguish between a British and the imperialist form of their government. For them both are the same. There are people who have nothing against the rise of the Japanese. For them it might just be a change of rulers ... read on


Famous speech by Barack Obama:

Obama speech at the Berlin Victory Column in 2008 - in front of 200,000 spectators

Many thanks to the citizens of Berlin and to the people in Germany. I would like to thank Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Steinmeier for welcoming me this morning. Thank you Mayor Wowereit, the Berlin Senate, the police and, above all, thank you for this welcome ... read on



Famous speech by Kaiser Wilhelm II:

Speech of the Huns by Kaiser Wilhelm 1900 "Prisoners are not taken"

If you come before the enemy, they will be defeated! Pardon,is not given! Prisoners are not taken! Whoever falls into your hands will fall for you! How the Huns made a name for themselves a thousand years ago under their King Etzel ... read on


Famous speech by Mikhail Gorbachev:

I've been to Berlin before, and not just once; I spoke on various occasions. This time I take the floor before the members of the all-German parliament, in the building of the Reichstag, which at a certain time represented a concentration of evil for many and the fall of which appeared to be a triumph of good ... read on


Famous speech by Joseph Stalin:

Speech by Stalin 1941

Enjoyed! The failures of the Red Army not only did not weaken the alliance of workers and peasants and the friendship of the peoples of the Soviet Union, on the contrary, they did ... read on


Famous speech by Konrad Adenauer:

Adenauer speech Christmas address 1952

“It was quiet and dark in the stable at Bethlehem when the maiden gave birth and swaddled the child and placed it in a manger. The shepherds were in the fields with their flocks, and the Magi were still a long way off, when the splendor of the heavenly hosts and their voices broke into the night darkness and the night silence ... read on


Famous speech by Tiberius Gracchus:

Tiberius Gracchus Speech on the Farm Law - 133 BC

The wild animals that populate Italy have their burrows, and for each of them there is a shelter, a refuge. But the men who fight for Italy and shed their blood have nothing but air and light; unsteady, without a house or home, they roam the country with children and women. The generals lie when they call on their soldiers in battle to open graves and sanctuaries against the enemy ... read on


Famous speech by Leon Trotsky:

Leon Trotsky speech "The workers of all countries will have to learn from the Russian revolution" - 1922

The fourth congress of the Communist International will meet on the fifth anniversary of Soviet power. An anniversary is, of course, a purely formal calendar fact, and events do not depend on the calendar. The 5th anniversary of the Soviet power does not represent a boundary stone of any ended historical period, all the less in our revolutionary epoch ... read on


Famous speech by Pearl Buck:

Speech Pearl Buck: The good guys in the German people

The good person doesn't like to fight. He wants everyone to live in friendship - but he does not realize that this is only possible through constant commitment, through uninterrupted vigilance. You guys in Germany, you are not allowed to sleep! ... read on


Famous speech by Roman Herzog:

Education speech by Federal President Roman Herzog

Half a year ago I called for a new start in education policy not far from here. Education, I said at the time, must become a "mega-topic" in our country if we want to assert ourselves in the knowledge society of the next century. I know that the debate on reforming our education system is in full swing ... read on

Famous speech by Roman Herzog:

Berlin to the capital - Speech Roman Herzog

I am pleased to speak to you at the Hotel Adlon this evening. 90 years ago the old Adlon was inaugurated by Kaiser Wilhelm II. For my part, I'm not inaugurating today, I'm a kind of Republican taster who, however, is no less pleased that this traditional house is being rebuilt in its old location. In a way, the new Adlon also stands for the new Berlin ... read on


Famous speech by Bertha von Sutter:

Bertha von Suttner: Speech to the Nobel Committee 1906

“Eternal truths and eternal rights have always shone in the sky of human knowledge, but they were only slowly brought down from there, poured into forms, filled with life, implemented into deeds ... read on


Famous speech by Bertha von Sutter:

Bertha von Suttner: Speech in San Francisco 1912

“Ladies and gentlemen, California voters! Very often the question is asked: "Do you believe in the possibility of world peace?" It may be viewed as personal contempt to be asked whether you believe in a cause for which you work; but I'm not going to look at the question from the standpoint of belief ... read on


Famous speech by Martin Walser:

Martin Walser Speech - Sunday Speech on the Peace Prize (Speech of the Year)

When the media reported who would receive the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade this year, congratulations tumbled in. Two adjectives occurred noticeably often in the congratulatory text. The joy of the congratulators was often called "irrepressible" ... read on


Famous speech by Rolf Hochhut

Hochhut speech on the award of the Grimmepreis (speech of the year 2001)

The great honor, great joy, and not least thanks to the Eberhard Schöck Foundation, the stately check that is given to a German speaker who is the first to receive the Jacob Grimm Prize; does not receive it at some point, but on the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the German dictionary: in 1850 Jacob Grimm began with the first volume from A to Biermolke, ... read on


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