What is the life of a motivational speaker


Courage to change
Every change needs courage and motivation - Felix Plötz knows that from his own experience. With his lectures, he helps managers and employees to discover and use these two strengths in themselves. To do this, he uses fresh ideas, clear language and concrete instructions.

100% know-how - 0% bullshit bingo
Keynote speakers for motivation not only have to create enthusiasm in the moment with beautiful words, but also provide material for long-term drive. Felix Plötz does this with knowledge that he acquired as the founder of two successful startups, as a bestselling author and as a keynote speaker. As a motivational speaker, he delivers 100% know-how from which his audience will benefit in the long term - guaranteed without bullshit bingo.

Real solutions
Felix Plötz offers his listeners new ideas and inspiration, but also tangible solutions. Depending on the keynote lecture chosen, he tackles specific problems and presents instructions that entire companies and individual employees can implement immediately.

Authenticity - undisguised & concrete
Felix Plötz is a motivational speaker with an exciting story. Two successful startups, four books - including a multiple, long-standing bestseller, which is one of the most successful business books in Germany - and an impressive speaker career: you need a lot of motivation and the ability to make something of it. It is precisely this authenticity that Felix Plötz passes on to his audience as a keynote speaker for motivation.

That certain something: just do it once
The startup spirit runs in Felix Plötz's blood and, as a motivational speaker, he also activates the “just do it” gene in his audience. Fresh, young, different - a smart lateral thinker with exactly the right mix of business and punk - Felix Plötz has that certain something!