Why does Goku Bardock never want to go back?

"Freezer is dead?
Shouted the first.
"Nobody believes that! Tell someone else, but not us!" It got louder and louder.
None of the warriors wanted to believe what they were hearing.
Nobody could have faced the tyrant and killed him. From their point of view; but Vegeta and Goku, as is well known, knew much better.
"Kakarott! Answer me, how did it turn out? What about the damn Freezer?" Bardock growled and grabbed his son by the shoulders. He wanted to know the truth:
What else happened back then? And especially; was it true what Pan was saying? Were the legends true? But that couldn't be, it was too absurd that a lower-class warrior was a ... such a powerful being ...
Bardock remembered something at the thought.
It was ...
Just before he passed out, he recognized a glimmer of gold. As with the one vision. It couldn't be a coincidence ...
"Kakarott, please tell us what's going on!" Son-Goku's mother took Bardock's arms from her son's shoulder and looked at him briefly. Bardock crossed his arms over his chest.
"Now open your mouth!" he said.
"Forget it, Bardock?
What are you saying? Freezer is never, ever here! "Was the immediate argument.
Bardock grinned slyly.
"And what makes you so sure he's not here? Who knows where that asshole is curving around!" he replied, and after that it was also quiet about this: they knew that Bardock might be right on that point.
Then they would have noticed ... but on the other hand, without a scouter they were in a fix. If it hadn't been for this tremendous, impossible energy!

Son-Goku looked both of them in the eye, then opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again. Where should he even begin? There was so much that needed to be explained.
Did they even know that Freezer was dead before?
It didn't look like it.

Gohan had gone to the three earth women and whispered in Videl's ear that it would be better for them to go now. Pan should also be taken; the little one was completely beside herself and was trembling.
Bulma wanted to protest, but when she saw Goku standing there, she made up her mind.
Apparently that was really none of their business.
So they left, but waited in front of the entrance to the workshop. Now Goku, his son and Vegeta were alone with most of the Saiyajins.
Goku turned to the Elder Super Saiyan for help. Maybe Vegeta knew where to start ...
The prince snorted and walked to the center of the room.
He always had to take matters into his own hands.
Well, maybe it was better that way, because his rival is known to like to let a situation escalate.
Although he had been busy with other things and was anything but in a good mood, Vegeta finally began to tell:

"You are all listening now and woe to anyone interrupting me!
I'll give him a free ride to hell! Got it!?"
What Bardock said is the truth!
Freezer was on this planet until a few minutes ago and wanted to destroy it! "
"Ab ..." someone wanted to reply, but at the same moment he wished he had come into the world without a tongue.
Vegeta had grabbed his neck and squeezed.
Without further ado, the Saiyan prince would have killed this warrior had it not been for Son Goku.
"Vegeta, let go of him, it won't do anyone any good if you kill him. I'm sure no one will say anything more." he said softly.
Vegeta growled loudly and threw the Saiyan against the wall.

Then he reluctantly continued:
"Freezer escaped from Hell. Don't ask me how. Anyway, he's been dead before." Vegeta paused, looked everyone in the face.
Then he raised his hand and pointed to Son-Goku, who winced when Vegeta raised his voice again.
"And that Saiyan there killed him then and now!" he called around.
Horrified faces were fixed on Bardock's son.
Cauli and Bardock were also surprised. They had expected everything else, but not this statement.

"No ... Kakarott, that can ..." Cauli had no words.
Vegeta's voice still echoed in her head - Freezer couldn't have been killed by her youngest child, he was too powerful for that, inviolable for the Saiyan people.
Kakarott did not have the "foundation" or the potential for such a warrior. You and Bardock were just lower class warriors ...
Sure, her son was stronger than she ever expected, but ... no.
At the thought of Vegeta's revelation, Cauli felt queasy in the stomach and the stomach contracted involuntarily.
Bardock too could only stare at his son with wide eyes.

Despite Vegeta's threat to kill if all wasn’t quiet, murmurs formed, as so often before.
Excited, and always paying attention to the prince, the Saiyajins whispered to one another.
Son-Goku hadn't moved, he continued to look at the blue tile floor - it seemed very interesting, with its many joints and scratches ...
He could hear things like: "If Freezer is supposed to have defeated, then I'm a nun's daughter!"
"Does Prince Vegeta really think we'll take this off his hands? Did he fall on his head or what?"
"The Saiyan elite is going downhill!"
"We are not here in the fairy tale hour!"
Almost everyone looked Goku into disgusted eyes, they didn't have to say anything: for most of them, Goku, with his friendly kind of scum, was a traitor.

They almost hated him for his kindness; since he gave them back their lives and they met him. They hadn't let him feel anything like gratitude.
And those who did ...
there were so few -
they were simply suppressed by the majority.
Son-Goku, who was struggling with tears, could read all of this in their faces.
Once more he was at the end of his nerve; now he hated his sentimentality and wished he was more like Vegeta.
They would hate him more than ever if he just opened his mouth, he was sure of that.
They hated him even then, why should it be any different if they knew what he was? Out of fear? Would you fool him into "kindness" and "respect" because you are afraid of him?

The deep black pearls had frozen.
Bardock was thinking like a madman; He had neither a nerve nor the perception of what was happening around him - because all the senses of this warrior were focused on his son, who was now beginning to tremble.
The thoughts rushed back and forth in his head, over and over again he recalled every detail of his visions, over and over again he thought of the brief fight with Freezer, what he said, everything.

"You know, you remind me of someone I fought with. His name is Goku!"

"A golden shimmer that chases through the sky"

"His look, as cold as ice ..."


As if in slow motion, Bardock turned his head toward the murmur to his right.
Seripa, Toma, Panbukin and even Toteppo, they all whispered something to each other.
Growled, were pissed off.
Did not believe. Didn't want to believe.
Like everyone else here.
Why also? No evidence, no evidence ...

"I saw him.
I ... saw Kakarott face Freezer. "
Immediately it went quiet.
Gohan, who had gone to his father and talked to him because he no longer moved, looked up.
Vegeta moved his head up too.
He had been busy with himself again, almost fell into a deep hole ... but once again he couldn't.
But he wanted. Why didn't they just leave him ... alone ... alone ... with himself ... his dead self ...

Like many others, Cauli looked around at him.
Raditz and Tarles had jostled their way into the first rows to better hear what was being said there:
Both were of the firm belief that Chichi's screeching caused hearing loss because they couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Freezer ... he ... is dead like Vegeta said." Those words sounded like mechanical, not really, and whoever uttered them didn't know what he was saying either - the truth?
It was enough.
Toma grabbed Bardock's armor and shook him. "Damn it, Bardock! What the hell is wrong with you?
Freezer can't be dead, even if that were too nice! You yourself know how we suffered from these cattle, and then you just say that they are dead? Thank you very much! Nobody can kill him!
Or do you think you can see into the future? "Toma snapped at his old friend. They had already seen so much that he couldn't just lie to him ...
Bardock's eyes shone promisingly. Now everyone would know.
Toma slowly opened her eyes.
Those eyes ... didn't lie.


Confused murmur.
Goku awoke from his trance.
Dazed, he looked at his father's determined face. Gohan eyed Bardock; what did he say
Vegeta hasn't listened for a while.
It was none of his business anymore. Why did he still comment on the situation? Was it his pride that had collapsed like a house of cards? Since Rokaila's death ... he ... hasn't been there.
Tomas grip tightened.
Son-Goku's father jerked his partner's arms away from him.
He took turns looking each of his troops in the eye.
Then he raised his slightly trembling voice:

"Do you still remember our last joint campaign of conquest?"
Panbukin stopped short.
"What is this now?"
Bardock looked at him sharply. "... of course I remember it." replied the stocky Saiyan.
"We were on Kanassa ..." said Seripa.
Nod of the others.

Now Rokkal interfered in the conversation on behalf of the other Saiyan:
"I hate to disturb your coffee wreath, but what is this ridiculous discussion doing here? We should take care of Queen Rokaila! And not get to the bottom of some far-fetched fairy tale!" he said, slightly irritated.

"Master Ve ..." the former adviser wanted to turn to the heir to the throne -
he was roughly interrupted.
Bardock had blasted the ground in front of Rokkal with a short energy beam and now saw him more than venomously in her little eyes.
"Please let me finish, Schmalzlocke!"
With a slight nod, he pointed to the prince.
"And one more thing; if I were you, I definitely wouldn't speak to Vegeta now, unless you're keen to die again.
The warrior grinned maliciously, turned away, his grin died away and he became serious again.
He left Rokkal as ordered and not picked up.

"Let's get to the point. Sure you remember the last Kanassaian's talk, right?"
Toma thought like the others on the team of five.
"You mean the one who jumped out of the rubble and attacked you?" asked Panbukin.
"Exactly that."
Toma snorted, crossed her arms, looked at his leader.
"Don't tell me now that you believe that nonsense that the Kanassaians served us there!"
The other person briefly closed his eyes.
"First ..." he continued, "... I didn't believe it any more than you did. But then I was taught better.
It is true what he said. "
Those who knew what was being talked about opened their eyes in disbelief.
Bardock now turned to the entire staff of the auditorium.
"You know what that filthy Kanassian gave me right before he died? The" vision blow. "
And do you know what his last words were, which he told me with a malicious grin? "
Bardock closed his eyes again. He recalled the words of that being; he could never forget her:

"I just gave you the visionary blow that lets you foresee the future ... you should be able to see what will become of your people ... Look into the future and suffer agony, suffer ..." [Quote from: "Dragonball Z , The Badock Saga "]

Absolute calm followed.
All that was heard was the whistling of the wind, which could penetrate unhindered through the broken door.
Then the first sounds broke out: roaring laughter.
"Do you want to make us know now that you can see into the future ?!" the first managed to laugh.
The two brothers of Son-Goku were just ashamed and ignored what was happening; what had just ridden her father?
For a while the lower-class warrior listened to the insinuations of his blood brothers.
Then it became too much for Bardock.
"Now shut up !!" he shouted as loud as he could. His tone was so sharp that it actually became "quieter".
A few more giggled, but that shouldn't bother him.
However, one of them also commented, it was Cajari.
"Bardock; if what you say is true, then ..." she swallowed, "... then I wondered why you didn't warn us about the destruction of Vegeta?" she ended getting quieter.

Many agreed; but no one noticed how a rather large group of Saiyajins looked down in shock ...
Then another laugh broke out -
this time it belonged to Bardock himself.
When he had calmed down, he said bitterly:
"Oh yeah? Then I ask" idiot ", who didn't believe me when I arrived at Vegeta covered in blood? Who didn't believe me when I said that Freezer wanted to destroy the planet and the Saiyans?
Who wouldn't help me when I called for the overthrow of Freezer? "

Bardock kept nodding slightly, looking around.
"Quite right, you! All of you, as you stand here!"
Another oppressive silence.
They knew he was right.
The Saiyajins around him knew; although some, most of them, hadn't heard of Bardock's appeal. Only a few, maybe a hundred, had really seen it.
And these now looked at the ground; the others saw these hundred, understood their gestures, their facial expressions.
Words were superfluous.

"I ... I had also warned Bardock about my death. Dodoria had told me as a" present "for Hell what Freezer was up to.
I warned him that Bardock was leaving to get help ... "Toma intervened.
He no longer doubted Bardock's shocking words.
"But I got no help, just laughter."
He looked around again, glanced at Goku.
His eyes were on the ground.
"And the best evidence of the credibility of my words ... was the subsequent destruction of our homeland." Bardock ended his explanation.
Nobody said anything.
They were all ashamed, cursed inwardly, wished they had listened to Bardock.
They now realized that they were responsible for their own downfall.
You alone.
Nobody else.
Cauli shook her head in horror.
Did your husband know of their fate?
"What about Kakarott?" she brought out trembling, looking frantically back and forth between Bardock and her son.
What did he see? What did Kakarott have to do with Freezer?
That interested the others now too; now they knew that they could believe Bardock's word.
This looked steadfastly at his youngest offspring.
His eyes were still so empty ... Bardock was slowly wondering what was going on in Goku's head.

"I only saw briefly how Kakarott fought against Freezers. At that time they were on a strange planet." he said, looking at Gohan questioningly.
He nodded.
"We were on Namek." he replied to his grandfather.
The still gloomy looks turned expectantly on Bardock.
"And today ... I saw next to nothing because I passed out shortly after Kakarott showed up." he answered truthfully, but now he couldn’t help himself anymore.
He wanted to talk to his son about it in private, but ... it was everyone's business.
He looked for suitable words before starting the question.

"Kakarott, you know what I'm wondering? In my visions there was a golden sheen from time to time; it was barely recognizable, but there. Do you know what that is?" he put the question to his son.
He looked up.
Gohan knew what was meant but said nothing.
That was his father's job and Vegeta's job.
Goku didn't say anything either, it was as if he had lost his voice.
"Golden shimmer?" Cauli asked, glancing at Goku.
She suspected something.
If she only knew how right she was about her premonition ...
Questions turned back to the "outsider".
Bardock grew impatient.
"Finally answer me, Kakarott!" he said louder than he wanted.
Goku didn't move an inch.
His son sighed. It could not go on like that; the thing had to be done at last.
"Vegeta ..."

The prince turned and went away. Again the tiniest lightning flashed around his body.
He had had enough, wanted peace and quiet. Was close to tears.
He stopped shortly before the exit.
"Do you know why Kakarott could kill Freezer? That golden figure you saw earlier ..." He walked a little further, stopped, did not turn around.
Bardock stared at Vegeta in disbelief. "Golden figure ?!" it shot through his head.

"Kakarott is a Super Saiyan." he breathed tonelessly, but everyone could understand it.

Vegeta was gone, all these words, these last words he had said without any emotion.
He was dead. Inwardly.

This calm tore his heart apart.
Why didn't they say anything? Why didn't they finally tell him that he was a monster, scum for them ?!
Goku rode himself into something.
He didn't know anymore what to believe or what to feel ... he didn't feel anything anymore anyway. Just this anger ... this lust ...
"Is that true, Kakarott?" breathed Bardock. Could it really be? Was that golden shimmer ...
Cauli said nothing.

Seconds passed. Minutes.
Minutes when Goku wished he would die, just not breathe.
Then it would be over.
Stifling a laugh, Tarles shook his head. "I ask you, father, he doesn't! Or does anyone here disagree?" asked Goku's twin, half seriously.
He hardly got any answers, they didn't know what to think of it; too much for that had come to light in the last half hour.
But Bardock's son as a Super Saiyan was impossible.
On the other hand, Prince had confirmed it -
but could he still be trusted?
Goku was shaking more and more violently. Gohan noticed this and gently pulled Cauli away from her son, whispering that it was better to move away from him if she didn't want to be hurt.

When Bardock wanted to approach Son-Goku, he was rejected by Son-Gohan: he leaned against Bardock, whispered in his ear, "The time has come," and Bardock was frozen.
The air grew thicker again.
The Saiyajins looked around nervously, then turned their gaze intently to Son Goku. Hundreds of eyes focused only on him, seeing every muscle twitch.

His heart stopped beating and his breath became difficult.
Son-Goku looked to the side, embarrassed, narrowed his eyes.
It happened so fast.
Within seconds, this Saiyan was in golden flames.
They danced, they destroyed.
Stones and shards swirled through the air and tore Goku's skin open, the blood ran down and mixed easily with salty liquid ...

"That can't be ... that ... that ..." Bardock winced. The golden shimmer from his vision. He now saw it very clearly:
That painful scream of his son.
That golden aura that enveloped him.
Freezer as he lay on the ground, as he swore, mentioned the name "Son-Goku".
How his son broke through the clouds, rushed towards Freezer.
As a golden warrior. As a super saiyan.
As he stood before them. As the most powerful being of the Saiyan ...

She was confused.
She had also heard Vegeta leave the capsule corpration with a "Kakarott is a Super Saiyan" and hiss off.
He had passed her, Chichi and Videl, rose to heaven, and was gone; who knows where.
What was going on in there?
Had Goku finally let the cat out of the bag?
Bulma sighed.
Once again Vegeta had disappeared without saying a word, leaving his family alone with their worries for him.
If he comes again, God grace him!

He just couldn't take it anymore. This tension. This convulsive pulling together. He finally wanted to be to himself, to say goodbye to her, no, to himself.
The prince sat in a ravine.
Here he let his feelings, his grief, run free. Cursed his miserable pride that prevented him from doing so, forgot him and just mourned his mother.
It didn't work then. Of course he had cried for her, but he couldn't really mourn.
He was sent to numerous planets, fought, killed, embittered.
To really feel the unlearned.
Now, years later, he had learned this again, and now he wanted to live it out.
He didn't care about his pride, only his mother mattered.
And that he wanted to be with her.
His black heart was torn this way and that; between reason and wishful thinking.
He wanted to see her.
Could he really do this to himself?
Could he do it to the others? But what was that to her? Wasn't he indifferent to everyone ...?
The wind swept through his hair, whispered in Rokaila's voice.
"Vegeta ..."

The faces turned pale. The legend was real ...?
They saw it ... himself.
How could that be ?! Why exactly him?
Wasn't it all just humbug, a fairy tale from the old days of their civilization?
Cauli couldn't go on. The color disappeared completely from her face, she rolled her eyes and collapsed in Gohan's arms: that had been too much of a good thing ...
Nobody noticed. The Saiyans were too busy trying to understand what their optic nerve was showing them.
Raditz felt something rise in him. But he couldn't place it, any more than Tarles, Bardock and all the others.
Was it fear?
Goku extinguished the aura around him.
The green opals stared in shock at Cauli, which had collapsed at the sight of him.
He wanted to go to her, but when he took a step forward, the Saiyajins looked at him even more strangely and winced.
They were amazed, couldn't believe that Goku was the warrior from their legends.
Bardock's son again misinterpreted these looks.
Before he knew what he was actually doing, Son-Goku turned around like an unwilling doll and ran outside.
He was already gone like Vegeta in the sky, racing down the airways.
He wanted to go. He had to go so as not to hurt them.
When Son-Goku moved, the anger he felt when he fought Freezer shot out again.
He was suddenly back.
What was the matter with him?
Son-Goku fought against this anger that was trying to control him. He grabbed himself by the shoulders, clenching his hands tightly to numb his anger with pain.
It helped a little.
But then he noticed how the anger grew stronger after a while. As if the pain in his soul wasn't enough ...
Without paying attention to the way he flew to Vegeta's aura.
Vegeta felt Goku's aura approaching him.

Now he had to do it.
He would do it to be close to her again, even if it brought a lot of pain ... as if in a trance, the prince of the Saiyajins kindled his AI, put his hand on his heart, which already seemed to be no longer beating ...
His rival stopped in the air above him.
In excruciating pain, he tried to open his narrowed eyes wider to be sure that Vegeta ...
Son-Goku raced down when Vegeta let his AI get stronger to put an end to his life.
The anger, the pain was gone, he forgot it.
He had to help Vegeta, he couldn't kill himself!

Rocks broke.
Vegeta looked puzzled at the Super Saiyajin in front of him, who had just given him a very good slap in the face. Son-Goku grabbed Vegeta roughly by the shoulders, yanked his body from the rocks towards him.
"What the hell was that supposed to be ?!" called Goku.
Vegeta didn't look at him.
Kakarott was here again, even though he shouldn't be here. Why can't he stay out of his business?
"Why Kakarott ... I don't deserve this ... let me finish it!" Vegeta just breathed.
"Oh yeah? Do you think Bra and Trunks deserve not to have a father? Damn it, you have a family, Vegeta!"
No reaction.
Only the trembling of his body noticed Goku was.
"And Bulma! She loves you, just like your children!
Can you even imagine how they will suffer when you are gone ?!
Your family loves you, you can ... them .. "
Goku dropped his shoulders, his eyes widened again.
What was he saying?
"Your family loves you ..."
It was like that. With Vegeta as well as with him.
During the time with his mother he had noticed that not all Saiyajins hated. They too formed loving families.
How could he even think so, he was one himself. Now the words Caulis jumped into his head again:
"He doesn't hate you, Kakarott." At that time she meant his father.
If ... if they knew him better ... would the Saiyans hate him too? Did they really hate him ...?

"Goku? Can you hear me?"
Both were startled from their thoughts.
"M ... Master Kaio ?!" found out his protégé. "Well guessed!" Master Kaio chuckled slightly.
"What do you want from me right now?" Goku asked confused, looked at Vegeta and looked up at the sky.
"Me? No, I don't want anything from you. It's someone else who wants something from Vegeta!" answered Kaio, followed by a short pause.
Then came a gentle voice:
"Vegeta? Can you hear me?" she asked. This winced. Could it be?
Kaio, that villain!
"Yes ... I hear you, mother ..." he said softly. Her voice...
"Good. Then listen carefully to me now, my son.
You too, Kakarott! "She warned and Goku hastily agreed.
"What you were about to do would have been a big mistake. I would never have forgiven you if you'd just let your family down to be with me. I know I wasn't better at this point, but I was died to protect you. So that you can go on living. Do you want my sacrifice to be in vain? " asked Rokaila.

Silence followed.
"Crap!" Vegeta whimpered. He cried.
She was right ... how could he be so stupid and think of suicide just because he couldn't take the grief anymore?
Kakarott was right too, yes, he had a family that loved him!
Now the queen addressed Son-Goku, who had been standing quietly in front of Vegeta until just now.

"And I have something to say to you too, Kakarott.
First of all, it amazes me that you are the legendary Super Saiyan. But what you do is not right either. You run away from other people's reactions. Talk to them.
Talk to Bardock, tell him how you feel and what's going on. The way you do it, it will never work! "Rokaila concluded.
Son-Goku let these words go through his head, and then expressed his thanks to Rokaila. It was strange that this proud beauty spoke to him like that.
Then he grinned at Vegeta.
"Rokaila? But I'm not the only Super Saiyan!" he grinned even wider.
Vegeta snorted, smiling slightly.
"Vegeta and all other earthly Saiyajins can also assume this state!" he said and was curious about her reaction.
"W..what? How can that be?" she asked sounding totally amazed.
"I'll explain that to you later, mother. Kaio? I can talk to her more often, can't I?" asked Vegeta pointedly and threateningly at the same time, got up and brushed the dust from her clothes.
"Um, of course, whenever you want, Vegeta!" answer this.
Goku crossed his arms.
"We can even visit them if you want!" he smiled slightly. Vegeta looked at him with big eyes, but then he knew what this lower class warrior was up to.
"But Goku, that violates the laws of the hereafter!" Master Kaio protested at once.
But when did Son Goku listen to him?
The conversation ended.
The two Saiyajins stood in the gorge for a while. Then they rose into the air without a word.
Son-Goku was determined to finally get rid of all doubts, problems and pain, but that should be more difficult than expected ...
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