Is dancing a skill or a talent

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FAMEONME Casting places gifted and talented children across Germany for TELEVISION & ADVERTISING.

Are goosebumps guaranteed when your child sings a song? Or do you know a child who amazes people with their musical abilities or their enormous memory, arithmetic and combinatorial skills? Or does your child want to achieve top athletic performance with a lot of motivation? We are looking for real children's talents who pursue their skills with passion and fun.

Children inspire with their various abilities and often deliver an extraordinary performance with singing, dancing, acrobatics, memory skills or completely different talents!

Children's talents should be discovered and encouraged. This doesn't just apply to gifted children or child prodigies. Every child has different skills and interests, the promotion of which has a positive influence.

Children with extraordinary talents and abilities are not only wanted for children's talent shows such as "Superkids - the greatest little talents in the world" and "Little Big Stars". Talented children and child models are always scouted for commercials, stage appearances and other media projects as part of children's castings, which can enchant the audience. The following applies: the child should of course always have fun with it, i.e. parents should support their children's talents - but not compulsively pretend something!

If you are a talented child and want to stand in front of the camera and look behind the scenes, you can simply register here free of charge.

Or are you looking for a reliable agency for talented children and need talented children for your project?