Is Donald Trump a Cuckservative

Sex and politicsPornography as a political resonance space

"I am a Berliner."

John F. Kennedy in 1963 in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall.

"Mister Gorbatchow, tear down this wall."

Ronald Reagan 24 years later at the Brandenburg Gate.

"Yes we can!"

Barack Obama at every opportunity. And his successor?

"You can grab 'em by the pussy."

Elected not in spite of, but because of the racist agenda.

You can grope her pussy. Donald Trump spoke this sentence even before he was elected president. He was elected anyway. Trump has a racist agenda? He was elected anyway. Nevertheless? Ta-Nehisi Coates disagrees. In his acclaimed book "We Were Eight Years In Power - An American Tragedy", the African-American author uses a lot of figures to prove that Trump was elected not despite, but because of his racist agenda. Also thanks to Steve Bannon, mastermind in the election campaign and central figure of the so-called Alt-Right, the New Right in the USA. To be labeled a racist is nothing negative for Bannon.

The perversion of white supremacy

"They call you a racist? They call you xenophobic? Then wear it like a badge of honor," said Bannon in front of the Front National in France in the spring. The alt-right strategist propagates white supremacy. Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about this:

"White Supremacy has always had a perverse sexual edge. In this respect, it is fitting that Trump's rise was accompanied by Stephen Bannon, a man who ridiculed his male white critics as 'cucks'."

Cucks? What's this? Veronika Kracher researches the gender ideology of the new right:

"The term 'cuck' has become a winged word within the Alt-Right. Originally, it referred to a man who is cheated on by his wife. Its use, however, is mainly derived from the fetish of" cuckolding ", in which a man is Finds excitement when his wife is having sexual intercourse with other men in front of his eyes. In mainstream pornography, this is usually extremely racially charged: a white woman is penetrated by black men portrayed as impulsive, while the white husband pursues this with fascination . "

Paula-Irene Villa is a professor at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Munich, with a focus on gender:

"The figure 'Cuck' is used colloquially to designate a weak man - a pathetic, effeminate, in short: effeminate, incorrect man. The designation denies the so called correct, real, strong masculinity. 'Cucks', also' Cuckservatives 'are in this rhetoric - for example with Bannon - adapted too much to a supposedly feminist-liberal mainstream. "

The smashing of the feminist-liberal mainstream

The feminist-liberal mainstream - it must be smashed. This requires a masculine, cross-border, unsentimental counterculture.

Veronika Kracher: "When Steve Bannon uses the term 'cuck', he wants to emasculate his political opponents and make them ridiculous. The term implies that the so-called 'cucks' are unable to keep up with the virility and chauvinism of Donald Trump and his fans. "

So that's what feminism and the alleged dictatorship of political correctness made of the once so proud white man: wimps, wimps, shadow parkers, sit pissers, cocksucker - just 'cucks'. Pornography serves as a resonance space for the New Right. The gender researcher Paula-Irene Villa diagnoses a pornification of politics by the masculinist New Right, not only in the USA.

"Also in Putin, Berlusconi or Bolsonaro a pornification was or can be observed. Pussy Grabbin 'and the obscene defamation of, for example, LGBTQI * people, i.e. those who love and desire differently than the norm wants, but also the trivialization sexual violence. "

In the #MeToo era, we become more receptive to the various symptoms of the pornification of politics. On the one hand. On the other hand, there are power men on the rise, masculinists who have subscribed to the logic of ruling and being ruled.

Paula-Irene Villa: "If this political logic is sexualized, it quickly looks like commercially available bad porn."

According to this logic, Donald Trump is the first president to have uttered his historic signature sentence before his election.

"You can grab'em by the pussy."