How do I pray for God's heart

Have you ever prayed to God?

As a child I was often in church services and had a say in the Our Father. Over time, I questioned prayer. It began to seem like empty words to me. The same thing over and over again! As time went on, it seemed to me that it was more and more pointless. At some point I stopped doing it completely and finally stayed away from the churches. At that time I realized that I cannot be happy with religion and that my soul's desires cannot be satisfied through religion.

In the meantime I have found out through intensive Bible study that heartless, formulaic repeating of prayers (including charismatic languages ​​or prayer in tongues) is unbiblical and that one cannot reach the living, true God with it. This is not wanted by God. Through formulaic, religious, spiritless prayer, we cannot overcome the infinitely great gap that lies between God and sinful people.

In the Bible, with which God wants to explain his nature to us, it says that we should turn to God directly, with our personal concerns and with thanks. We should come before him with all our concerns, with childlike, open-hearted trust. In order for God to know us as His children, we must know Jesus and follow Him:"I am the way and the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father but through me" said Jesus himself. By believing in our hearts in Jesus Christ, as he is described to us alive in the Bible, we can become children of God. Where and how God reacts to our prayers, he himself decides. Often the reaction we expect does not come, but we can trust that God in his omnipotence and omniscience will always do the right thing for us, even if we do not initially understand. The more you read in the Bible, the better you will understand who God is and how you can honestly pray.

Before everything else, God wants us to know him for who he is. That's why he wants us to look for him! He revealed himself to us in Jesus Christ and everything that God wants to convey to us is written down in the word of God, inspired by God's spirit. God does not want us to repeat the same prayers over and over again without understanding from the bottom of our hearts what the words mean. The Lord's Prayer is a good prayer if one can pray it with full conviction (a child of God). However, if we only repeat it in a formula, it is worthless. It was intended by Jesus to be a prime example of the way we can hear prayer. Certainly it is not meant as a standard prayer that should be repeated as a routine daily or weekly routine. God-willed prayer in intimate relationship with God is something else. Those who pray daily with a firm conviction of faith can come into personal contact with the Almighty Creator. What a huge privilege! But before that becomes possible, we have to see what it is like. Here we describe how you can pray so that God will gladly hear it.

Worthy or unworthy, what does God think about it?

There are people who do not dare to approach God because they are afraid of punishment and exposure of sin. The image of a merciless God, which has been shaped by churches and religion in society, differs greatly from how God reveals himself to us in the Bible. In reality, no one is unworthy of standing before God. On the contrary, God wants us to come to him in prayer, because together with faith it is a prerequisite for us to be saved by him. Be brave and approach God, seek him, speak to him directly!

Holy God cannot be gracious to the proud and self-satisfied people who reject Jesus Christ as our only Savior, ignore and do not seek contact with him. Also towards people who reject the Bible as God's word. And towards those who believe that God does not exist or that they do not need him. Or those who think they are good enough and do not need to fear God's judgment. They will all stand before God's judgment on the day of the Lord and, according to their deeds, will be judged hopelessly and forever. It is therefore life-saving for such people if they put aside their pride and arrogance towards God in good time and humbly turn to God in prayer.

Do our sins make us unworthy of God?

The Bible teaches something else entirely. It says that God forgives all sins to anyone who believes in him with all his heart and is ready to be changed by him. Whoever perceives the Gospel and prays to God will be welcomed by him with open arms. God knows anyway that according to His commandments we are lost, needy sinners. Through Jesus' sacrificial death, God redeemed all people who believe in Jesus Christ. Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and whoever recognizes that Jesus took on the guilt of sins on his behalf will be saved.

So our relationship with God does not begin with piety or an effort to live a godly, honorable life. It's the other way around! If we, as sinners, go to God, tell him our sins openly and ask for forgiveness, he forgives us. He then gives us his spirit and helps us to live more and more according to God's will over time. This means that with God's help we will actually sin much less than most people over time, but not out of our human strength.

So it doesn't matter what a person has screwed up or done wrong in life. Everyone is worthy to go to God. Anyone willing to submit to God's omnipotence will experience complete forgiveness of their sins. There will be a wonderful peace in him that cannot be compared with anything in the world.

Prayer - salvation in small and great need

Sometimes when you have no hope or are in real need, prayers are your only salvation. God is especially merciful towards those who are completely helpless on the ground and can no longer see any way out. Jesus, who came to show us God's nature, has shown this several times. The following proverb, which comes from the Bible, including Luke 18:24, underlines this idea: "How difficult it will be for the rich to get into the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

God wants all people to come to repentance and salvation through faith in Jesus. Even those who get along well in life. Easier to find him, however, the people in poverty or need and those who recognize that they are hopelessly entangled in sins.

How to pray

It's easy. You can start alone or with someone you have complete trust in and who has already had experience in prayer.

You can speak to God while praying as if you were speaking to a person. You don't need any technology. You also do not need any deep relaxation and no special posture or breathing technique. Many people fold their hands while praying because they were taught that way in church. But even that is not a condition for the prayer to reach God.

If you turn to God sincerely, the prayer will be heard by God. He will also react, but not always in the way that our human imaginations correspond. Therefore, it makes sense to pray as often as possible that God's will be done, also with regard to our current worries, needs, fears and wishes. When we pray for God's will to be done with us, it is ideal in terms of the result, even if it sometimes looks as if it is not fulfilling a particular concern of ours.

Who should the prayer be addressed to?

The Bible teaches us that the way to God is through Jesus. So it is good if we pray directly to Jesus. But we can also pray to God, because Jesus is God too. Access to God through Jesus is obvious for us humans because we can have an image of Jesus, since he also lived like a person on earth, which is not possible with God. If you pray to God more often, have been forgiven, and have a relationship with God, you will become a child of God. Logically, you can then address him directly in prayer as "Father".

For example, it would be unbiblical and therefore not in accordance with God's will to worship Mary, who gave birth to Jesus. Because only God is to be worshiped. And Jesus is God, because in him we can know God. If we instead worship people, such as Mary or others who were declared saints, it is dreadful idolatry for God. Anyone who does such a thing will not reap any blessings in life. You also do not need any tools or symbols such as prayer chains for prayer. Such objects come from pagan occultism, lead to contact with the dark world, put us humans in danger and are also an abomination to God.

What can we pray about?

You can pray to God about anything on your mind. If you have a big problem, for example, tell God about it and ask him for help. Ask God for answer and grace. Ask God to give you wisdom to act and think according to His will.

If you feel guilty about something, describe what happened there and ask God for forgiveness.

Also ask God for inner peace. And about wisdom, about making good decisions and about meeting the right people who can really help you. It is very good if you ask in prayer that God's will may be done (as in the Lord's Prayer) and if you are ready with all your heart to surrender your own will to God. This requires a little courage and overcoming at the beginning. Honesty and open-heartedness are key when it comes to praying. The more openly you come before God and the heavier the chunks you present to him, the greater your relief will be when you feel how God works.

The most important thing in all of this: have no inhibitions before God! You'd better start praying right now. Over time, your prayers will get better and better.

Is the doctrine of confession biblical?

The Bible teaches that we should come directly to Jesus in prayer with our sorrows and sins. We should ask his forgiveness and be ready to forsake sin. When we heartily confess that with which we have violated God's commandments, Jesus frees us from the burden of debt.

In James, God teaches us that it is good to confess our sins to fellow Christians. So it doesn't have to be pastors or pastors.

What happens after you pray?

Often you can already notice changes in yourself while you are praying. A good sign that you have found a relationship with God is when you feel peace about the subject you brought before him. Sometimes he will also give you impulses to act that make it easy for you to fix something in your life.

God does not promise us that he will take all earthly problems away from us! A living relationship with God is also no guarantee of prosperity or health integrity! A perfect, smooth earthly life is not God's highest will for us at this time. In truth it is about infinitely more! It is about whether we will attain the true, the actual life in paradise eternity by accepting God's gift of grace. Remember that earthly life is very insignificantly short compared to the eternal glories that God has revealed to us in the Bible for what comes after earth life.

In any case, God will give you what you really need inside. The inner peace that comes when we feel secure in God is indescribably beautiful. That leaves nothing to be desired.

How often should i pray?

The Bible teaches that there is no limit to how much you can pray. Pray whenever you need it. Prayer is direct communication with God. Bible reading is related to prayer because God speaks to us with the words of the Bible and we often find answers to our prayers in the Bible. This strengthens our faith. So you can pray at every opportunity. For me it has proven to be beneficial to book at least 20-30 minutes for prayer every day after getting up. Overall, over the course of the day, I usually have over an hour of prayer, alone with God. It became a habit for me and God carries me safely and happily through life. The more I pray for the concerns and needs of my fellow human beings and myself, the solution of which God surrenders, and the less I try to solve them on my own, the better and more effortless my life will be.

What is the most important of all prayers?

Most people (around 98% of us according to surveys) do not know exactly what will come after death and have not yet been saved. This means that you have never turned to Jesus and have not recognized him as our Savior or over time have forgotten him and broken the saving covenant with Jesus. The unsaved end up in eternal hell after death, the believers in God's kingdom. It is very easy to be saved, just believing that Jesus is God's Son and being willing to allow himself to be guided by him saves us from safe hell. Here is a description of how you can save yourself from hell in prayer: The most important of all prayers!

I wish you a lot of joy and inner peace while praying,
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