Why was Steve Bannon downgraded by Trump

Controversial advisor - Trump withdraws Bannon from the Security Council

Donald Trump's chief strategist likes to work in secret, and public appearances by Stephen Bannon are rare. The US media call the 63-year-old a puppeteer because his influence on Trump is so great.

Bannon is a staunch ideologue who is convincingly responsible for Trump's mantra “America first”. The term that the US media - and not the Democratic Party - are the actual "opposition" comes from him. The somber speech the president gave after his inauguration was said to have been largely in the handwriting of Bannons.

Bannon is described as a brilliantly bright man without many scruples. Critics say he should continue to open up a right spectrum for Trump. As the head of the Breitbart News website, Bannon was openly nationalist on the far-right for years. There were also allegations of anti-Semitism.

In 2013, Bannon said in an interview that he was a Leninist because Lenin wanted to destroy the state and that this was also his goal. His statement caused a sensation that the radical dismantling of the state was one of the top goals of the US government.

Bannon's documentation "Generation Zero" gives a deep insight into his understanding of history and his world of thoughts. She explains what is behind his fight against elites and what he wants to turn upside down.

Bannon joined Trump when he radically rebuilt his campaign team last August. He became chief of the entire staff. Since then he has officially stopped work at Breitbart.

Breitbart News fought bitterly against the Clintons for years - Hillary Clinton was Trump's rival in the presidential election - and is not too good for any conspiracy theory.

Bannon and Breitbart were largely responsible for the strength of the Tea Party, which drove the Republicans further to the right a few years ago. The "Bloomberg Magazine" wrote that Bannon had played a similar role for the ultra-conservative movement as Leni Riefenstahl had for Adolf Hitler.

A quarter of a century ago, Bannon was part of the establishment he wants to fight today. He made some fortune while at Goldman Sachs. He has Irish Catholic roots. Bannon says the policies of Democratic US President Jimmy Carter politicized him. He is a deep admirer of Ronald Reagan.

Bannon appreciates a decidedly shirt-sleeved appearance: short cargo trousers, shirt over trousers, three-day beard, hair that has been worn a little longer and fluffed back. On official occasions, however, he now always wears a suit and almost always a tie.