How can a church support LGBT rights

Friday: Christians from the LGBT community trust God's love for people

Video service for the CSD

PeterHermesFurian / istockphoto.comThe CSD worship team assumes that everyone in God's community has equal rights and is equally important

The LGBT community traditionally celebrates together on Christopher Street Day. But it is also reacting to the corona pandemic. That is why a small team invites you to the digital, ecumenical video service “A colorful network that carries” on August 14th this year. Short sermon impulses will indicate that all people of different genders, cultures or phases of life belong together.

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A colorful, ecumenical team is taking part in the action week for Christopher Street Day (CSD) Darmstadt 2020 with a digital service. August, at 7 p.m., on the website The motto is: "A colorful network that carries".

Personal experiences from the LGBT community

People from the LGBT community from different denominations report in the service what they wear in happy and difficult times, how they are networked with others and what their personal beliefs have to do with it. They ask how God's Spirit can create connections across all existing boundaries. And they invite you to give up thinking in terms of drawers and to be curious about how others are different. Because they represent: "In God's community everyone stands side by side with equal rights and equally important."

Faith strengthens to stand up for human dignity

The ecumenical service on the occasion of the CSD in Darmstadt is organized by Christians from the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau, the Old Catholic Church and the Catholic Church in conjunction with members of the Darmstadt association “Vielbunt eV”, initiated by the Ecumenical Working Group on Homosexuals and Church (HuK) / Darmstadt regional group. They are convinced that believing in a God who loves people helps to create networks with one another and with one another. This belief gives "strengthening power that allows us to stand up together for the dignity and rights of every human being", as it is said in a prayer. The service was started in the Martinskirche of the Evangelical Martin Luther Congregation in Darmstadt, supported by the local pastor Tanja Bergelt.

God's spirit connects

In personal statements, which are recorded as videos in the service, people from the queer community report which nets they wear, but also which negative experiences they have personally had. Short sermon impulses indicate that all people of different genders, cultures or phases of life belong together. God's Spirit creates connections across all boundaries and classifications. It is important to open inner drawers and to become curious about how others are different. In a statement it says: “God's Spirit brings together more different things than we can do with our circle of friends. In God's community, everyone stands side by side with equal rights and importance. I only managed to overcome my fears and come out as a gay man many years ago when I found a community and understanding people who accepted me for who I am Life.

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