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Indiana Tribune, Volume 16, Number 239, Indianapolis, Marion County, May 18, 1893 - Page 2

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Jttdinna TLiöttne. Appears regularly and on Sundays. Tie tiglie. Grandstand "koyri through the Trögrr i2 Gents per week, the Sunday Grandstand 5 CentZ per week. Both together ISEentS or 55 GemJ pzrmonths. Sent by post in Vsr payment per year. Office: No. 18 Sud Alabama Str. Indianapolis, Ind., May 18, 1893 PelzrodvcnZaad. Jnvnla'sigttl? Achricy: en ans Et. JoZzns in?! Ufttnd! And according to this year's Iagdsaiio'i on 'Peljrodben, which at the beginning of this month you had reached Not particularly shiny. Tie Berid) here are all in the shop (gray tar spikes, we must of course know it. The numbers, which they give, are such that a landlubber at least supposedly has a certain respect for the size of this pitiful "yield inside. One hear! (5s brought home, or, as the German hunter expression goes:. to the route of captured SeehnndZfellen the Rod den'chsoner Adler" 15,000; New-foundland-10,000; Labrador "t000;. Leopard "2100; fcope" 2G0 0; rod "12,500; Mastifs 3000; Wal. nir 5000; Jccland- 2300; $ reen land" 0000; Tiana "7200; Aurora" K, 0;. '0; Algerinc "0000; Ranger" ir.0ÖÖ; Cuimau! 27.00; Nevtune "0200; Terra Novalt. 000; .Wol." 15,000; .Banquard-10,000; Panther- 0000; eptune- 8000. In the last season, the yield of the last season was 130,000, a decent amount, but compared to the yield of the past year, it is no longer high, because at that time it was 348,000 pieces. Here the question arises as to whether this striking failure is to be written entirely out of chance, as those experts certainly want to have their say. According to the explanations of the American object painters, the American Rodbenlchlaughters are filled with a touching, tender love for the fur robes and their boys. and especially the eloquent Advo.at Coudert would be able to portray this intimate relationship of the American seal hunter to the cute furry animals in contrast to the raw cruelty of the foreign and especially the English seal killers so beautifully and flexibly that his Parisian fashion ladies, who are with him Borliebe the skins of pretty Rödb. and who are interested in the negotiations of the arbitral tribunal. the tears of emotion ran down the tender cheeks, leaving little light streaks in the pink make-up. But according to the same source, the prices of the skins are also said to have decreased considerably this year. But not because the supply exceeds the demand, because that is by no means the case according to what has been said above, but because a large part of the hides captured is worthless. FZ namely a lot of old pelts of male seals have been brought home. There were noticeably few young specimens on the coasts of?! Eü fundland. And, as the marines claim, a lot of seals were caused by adverse d. H. For the hunter adverse winds, but for the hunted game but probably quite favorable winds from the coast on the ice floes in the open sea were driven out to never see again for our Nimrode. For the population of St. Johns, which town is known to have suffered a devastating fire a short time ago. bruni! were almost completely destroyed: catching fur seals is a matter of life. Both the shipowners and the seal schooner crews are residents: of St. Johns, and hoped to find more or more. less by one lucky fan out of financial embarrassment, ii which: the fire disaster toppled the city. to work your way up again. Tamit seems to avoid it now: doesn't it? to be, and some residents may look to the future with a gloomy bit today.Ahlwardtö tfUt trousers about the comical mix-up! of May 2nd, which the cable thought was worth telegraphing over and gave Ahlmardt a welcome wall, we find ourselves in Germany, leaving the meeting for the commission and the area of ​​the non-final verdict of the same with an air of offended sense of honor ), scroll through the following report:. Dr. Better to declare that Ahlwardt could be required to provide the proof. We have no reason to help him with this. - You find not only a moral disgust before him, but also a physical disgust. Submission Ahlardt: The lrt expression apparently refers to yesterday's newspaper note that asked Ljiu to declare me insane because I was grossly neglecting my clothes. I am therefore obliged to make a declaration here. This means that I have my respect for the Commission! that I have always appeared in extremely elegant new ways. Well, it has probably happened that in dien: suits fell off one night while getting off the horse-drawn tramway, and two, at a point that is embarrassing. You can do that kind of thing. not always notice the same. The President did what he could, he drew my attention to it. Now newspapers have covered this incident. a. 4V S l. tet, Aeikor Ahiwacdl a in a suit that is believed to have been neglected, he is lying down and doing it all the time.

X ?. - Baß et iceiei ttiitUCTrt noem .jerr .: possess, And through this behavior U had shown that he was absolutely insane, since only a madman would appear like that. A deep report must come from a gentleman who is sitting next to the President, because the report contains exactly what this gentleman said to be President. I can only explain that this is an infamy of the first order, which is violating the Commission. (The speaker is called to order.) Dr. Better to explain again that the Abg. Ahlwardt had to be branded that he felt physical disgust for his person. Ahlwardt thereupon declared in front of the judges that they were "if their judgment had already been completed" and clearly stated the aim of their "striving before the referent" over the most important part of his affairs. 'Fundes reported asked. I can not use this commission for compe. ! '' '. T 1 .., 7 ttutc judges hold. iAhlmardt ver! I leaves the commission, which now continues to advise.) Uncle 2nm as a clothes maker. Behind the Palace Hotel in San Francisco is a low building in which, among other things, uniforms and underwear for members of the Federal Army above the fleet are manufactured. The place is one of the three that. of this kind, which exist in our country and at the same time contain a clothing store and a tailor's workshop. It is not uninteresting to take a look at the facilities in question. Uncle Eam makes it very important to me that his uniformed children? only get the best possible at bare cost, and a host of poor eaters would be lucky if they did. For their private needs they could "honor one of these places with their customers", of course under the same conditions as the honored defenders of the fatherland. At the said place, an average of 250 people of both families are employed for eight months every year with this work In this, as in the other magazines of this type, the material used is first checked very strictly by the inspector, and every fiber must be healthy if a piece of material is allowed to be processed the stuff is weighed. Then it is run over a reel and every particle is viewed with a strong light; if any part is not quite like the rest, the piece is discarded. Careful, wrinkled measurements follow, and then the important one Draw or stretch test, by means of a special machine with a dial, blouse flannel, for example, must have a tensile force of 23 pounds per inch resist, or ez will not be found useful. But there? is far from everything! A special process is used to determine how many threads the fabric contains. This is done by placing a piece in front of a horizontal GaS candelabra in front of the flame. and pulls, sinks one edge and then uses a sewing needle to separate and count the fibers that have become stiff and separable. So that one can be certain that the "whole wool" fabrics contain a cotton, they are subjected to a bath. where the wool is consumed, but any cotton remains. The solidity of the colors is also tested by means of acids. ' Has the substance all. these samples be. stand, so it is handed over to the tailor, the cutter or the seamstress. Their work is also checked with almost microscopic accuracy! One expects the finished garment to be in every respect the best that weavers, tailors and dyers can ever produce. .Just. the best is good enough, "it says here, too. A suit made under such circumstances? A suit would be valued at the highest by people who would happily pay $ 930 for a suit. But what are the prices at Uncle Sam? Just two examples: Beautiful flannel blouse for under-ospenders '4.85. Pants $ 3.98, together $ 8.83. Vol.' ler parade uniform skirt for Unterofsi. icr, best quality .Kersey ". $ 8.4 rose 83.93, together $ 12.42. Incidentally, the uniforms for higher scouts are not made in free magazines, but the material for them can be bought there at a cost. There is always enough stock for 1,500 men in such a place, and everything is here; , from the cork helmet to the Un: shirtless. Usually there is a suitable uniform for every Relruten, and it rarely happens that someone has to be measured and his uniform made. Ertra clothing such as fur, hats and mittens are given for harsh climates. The Naval Clothing Department is located in Brooklon, N.Z). Incidentally, every ship embarking on a long voyage takes a supply and tailor with her; Many sailors, especially of the old school, also make their own uniforms and only take the material for them from the ship's magazine at cost. Emperor and Pope, On the content of the conversation between Kaiser Wilhelmll and Pope LeoXIII. deal dad's leaves. KanZ and AomS are very eager. The "Voce dellu Verita" polemizes with the "Popolo Romans" and "other liberal papers" about the length of the visit of the emperor in Vati kan and says: In the visit, the Kaiser Wilhelm 1! .. the Protestant sovereign, the head per Catholics in the church, we see a homage that is being made to the right over the millions of German Catholics

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.j, v-vy .v -v, uiy uciii v; cuiinniB fleurqj! ung. in, vtui irogsuruen, yrons0lger oas uraazren zaurere aoer again: persistence and firmness with the same, death house, from which really delivered, and so according to the georgine does not belong in the BrM VertdeidMM of her GM Wtirtmp mbl recently sprang from, jn ej. Less than two years old, Leberik dfr 1 Iwwt. Pemgem also recognized

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Miölllöttssittyttt'ftqj iierWttl. the. The Emperor's visit to the Patitatt will certainly encourage the center to remain united, and any other interest to the highest. Interest j, i. i. m. I the mnirachr and discipline in oer ganj. . Sacrifice m m m 'zen struggling catholic party. The existence of the center is infinitely more important than the military, and all other questions. The importance of the center was solemnly announced on April 23, 'the day of the visit to Vati, Kan. By the German quay. 'ser recognized. It is impossible that the German Catholics do not suffer. widely recognize the general in Rome. my eyes jumped. Fanfulsa wants to know that apart from the social, the form of reaction was also touched upon in the conversation between the emperor and the pope. The pope would have replied that, if the majority of the people, he would adopt a form of government other than monarchical !,.,. j -, take the same according to his conscience,.. 'I could not molest. - 1... -. ... Tslin hemertt haS Nerl Tan, klatt? ., should be confirmed, the Emperor would have brought up the energetic entry of the Pope in favor of the French Republic.! The answer given by the Pap. n. w... w ... i? jr st It could not possibly have pleasantly touched the German Emperor. From the shore. The United States has about 1,700 different, unrelated islands arinesecretär T rac y bot found its home in New Z) ork and is established with the company Tra.y. .Boaroman & Platt in the Mllls' "building started its legal history. In 15 minutes 45 seconds in the shoe factory of Äebr. Harve They are to be exhibited in Ehicago as proof of the wonderful speed with which this branch of industry can possibly be worked in this country. In San Ehnstobal, Mex., The Belgian botanist August B. Giese.Brecht recently died at the age of 82 He studied natural sciences in Brussels and Paris and was sent on a research trip to Brazil by Leopold I., whose special esteem he enjoyed, where he was followed by the botanist Lindon Knowledge of the flora and fauna of MiUd and South America made great merits. Giese brecht later settled permanently in San Ehristobal, Nerico, and sent many valuable goods to Europe from there Contributions to the herbaria. Former Senator Jng'LUS recently paised a jolly joke. He came in-scinem Farmeran in the southern suburb of Atchinson, Kansas. in order to obtain information about certain properties there. For this purpose he went into the school building, intending to put a few questions to the teacher. The rumor was widespread in the city. ) a lunatic ate ​​wandering around and Miss Eiair, the teacher, looked at a tall, tall man with the peculiar skull formation for xn madmen. Followed by all of her students, she escaped from the school. When the mistake happened, Mr. JngallZ disappeared. In Pittsburg, the criminal proceedings pending since 1890 before the "Eounta" Allcghany -g-'gen the murderer Zrank Straight with his conviction; and twelve years imprisonment has not completely recovered. In Mürz 1890, he killed his stepdaughter as a result. that he grabbed her by the legs and hit his head on the edge of the oil for so long. until the skull arst and the brain lll'oll out of the wound. He was tried three times for this crime. and that two narrations of the murder were spoken in the first degree school; but both times the judgment was overturned and a new trial was granted to the accused. He pleaded guilty to the last trial and, as mentioned, was overtaken. Sing Sing on the Hudson, New York State, has had a new one recently. Frank W. Röhl, who sprang from the state government there on April 20 in association with another murderer named Thomas Pallister, who was also sentenced to death, is known to have been pulled out of the Hudson as a corpse. It was not easy to establish the identity, because the face was swollen in such a way that the features could no longer be recognized, as the exterior indicated. that the corpse was that of Rocht. When one examined the clothes more closely, one recognized the ti v i r'.r 'r. lckmarien Anua. which he wore ira Kefünanik; dze stuck at his feet. gilzräuhc Xe3 Sd) licBcr3 Uerubeeffr. A photograph was found in his pockets, which comes from his early youth and which his brother used as a ligitimation on his first visit to the prison. d. b. as proof that he really was Röhl's brother; A photograph of his mother was also found in the soaked clothes. 'IT was ..., 1 i. 't this the photograph in which his brother slipped him money. r. m 'i t v tw irr neck he wore a ribbon, on the cross with amulet hina: from one! Skirt pocket zoa m: n finally a rosary. Tje corpse. became later,

should; an exact esthtiguna of the right Parauelunlerfuquna was now, liäTt & iae, vze stated. dak she the kr is h'ur ki ,? ,.,

However, the map showed that this suspicion that the statuette had meanwhile been flicked again! Benfaa5r ni för aeezanet 'v -. was completely undefined. A bid had been procured! By whom? hold. 'to a bridal bouquet vcrl? e.M'Ä rnd a pocket fair? with mother of pearl Man höt.e.eS can probably experience! to be turned; the Gär'tl.er became spatial.'citen mzV,:. i .i. e.-ii. nt .t.'ij.n.'t .:. . c. c-i. '-ii r. Ä- ....... . . tSttt dekalb tic premises,! iivlttn

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which has to express itself to everyone immediately, was self-evident: .We went away. ; iiu oenr uno Die rnhi A.t iit4.A i. M k.i m Mi., luUil j11 1. ..Ö l f. M, Am f k mm w 1 A jm. m. A ml m. W a a trying to cross the Hudson on that stormy night, drowned. The Um. If you found an empty boat drifting in the river shortly after your escape, this assumption was true. apparently. And when the fishermen found out, they huts another corpse in the water. very close to where they found the Roeht, all doubts were lifted. The prison, doctor Jrvme and Dr. Sheehan, however, threw all these beautiful theories about en pauses, as ais ne oen esuno a hastily carried out autopsy revealed. . When they examined the corpse they found a lump on the head, followed by a violent blow:. K .. cw. I.. R. - rruyreno; o Aer K Z. Lm. Mm jdW 1 (9 uW IA Km m I Am. W & vrivruu, vivs unv u: s nc giricy oa iif j nn .. (1 fZl C. ..iv.i out slUCD discovered a NUgei in iöeylrn. Wubttn they. That The bullet had penetrated about 3 inches above the earzem, had moved further downwards and had never hit the base of the skull. He never owotptm nraen! h'ihM SiVir with u mti nr. The shot must be immediate death of the man! Since there is no i orn .rr. tw ri v ra w r.

uancr was before yanoen, nano sen, oag is on a three-month vacation. Roehl only after he was dead. stepped into the. Until kZlutz was thrown for these outflows. Money was found; now a replacement has not yet been created. none in RoehlZ clothes and this one, it therefore teaches at present circumstance is sufficient to make the acceptance! eight teachers twenty classes in eleven lessons justifying that he was from Pallister. the ! kalen.

may have only seen him as an uncomfortable obstacle, murdered and robbed on the river User. Because it was pretty much certain that Noehl had been told by his brother at his r. i. i - mt .. x. tr rrr: last visit to Sing Sing a not insignificant umm: asked for money received. Roehl's defender. the advocate E. Townfend Goldberg, S.I. had liked such suggestions. As is well known, the two of them had taken two revolvers from the keepers before the escape and since a weapon was not found on Noehl's corpse, Pal Lifter must have put the same with him. Sam Abroad. The following detailed report will now be sent from Naples on April 24th about the catastrophe in the church of Torre Annunziata, which has already been reported by telegram: The news of a surchable accident that occurred yesterday evening in the neighboring Torre Annunziata reached our prefectur today. The festival of the patron saint of the city was celebrated there. D'.e parish church was packed with people who attended the evening service. Suddenly a bright, blazing flame lit up the whole church: some flower hangings that were used to decorate the church had caught fire. The believer was seized by panic. The great crowd tried to win the exit door in order to get to safety. You set a single scream from your heart: the church sounded. Several of the bolder young people tried to tame the flames and the. Stream of church visits falling like mad in the open air. by assuring them that the danger was not great and that much disaster could be prevented with calm deliberation. The unspectacular new ones, however, got the upper hand, and so it came about that so many people live the conflagration, which in itself is quite insignificant, to op; They, the women and just as many children were thrown to the ground while being pushed out and found death by suffocation. The number of wounded is extraordinarily large. In the city, which is located near Pompeii on the Gulf of Naples, there is a terrible excitement. This morning the solemn funeral of the Cpfer vei was arranged at the expense of deö Mu nicipio. ", Great serenity, at least in all the circles, Those who are not hysterical, like Julie Adam, are excited in Pari these days by a letter from the Russian ambassador, Baron Mohrenheim, and his history. The letter from the Russian embassy is to the Mayor of Brest judged and reads in a short rendition: During the presence of the rufst tchen KxeuzerS Minime- auf dex Rhehe von Brest in the spring of 1891, up to 1 (4iitfi K Krtt4in fttnwt a K ii t Imperial Schiss ejne bronze flatuette depicting a French soldier, handed over to the Grand Duke's throne successor for His Extraordinary Highness. As a result of the Tsarevich's many journeys, the statuette is only ever before him I have now been sent and have been instructed to convey the thanks of His Imperial Highness to the Vrester Gymnasia sten, signed Aéron Mohrenheim. "The matter is a little different now. The statuette is of all things in the spring of 1891 to the captain of the minime "by a delegation V (Ua. J.:. F The day did not come to Tsaristich at first. It had found a songwriter en route, as is supposed to happen in old Russia and old France. The Brest high school students waited patiently for three, sixteen, nine months, a year Answer. When one of these did not arrive at all, they inquired, at first gbnz, modest,.: Rj scts v in Haag erojicher. One initiated by the Russian and French police. A - OTI Im Ä?. F 1T I i wvv w. the cloak of love, to cover, The J, aur from the second-hand dealer, who has meanwhile acquired it, has bought it back, this time on 'secure

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around ! beöauvten schjaqung, took place zosen not want to take, because w eri -i i tu itLi fi ..i .. oer; icu in jmpiunu, ucuiijucii v V 1. TT ... t j 1 -! among the Russians. One of the .Oberjchles proves how sad school conditions prevail in individual villages in Upper Silesia. Anz. "From Zabrzt, according to which in Zabrze, a place with 25,000 inhabitants, 33 Catholic teachers must practice, 4,000 children must teach, so that there are an average of 130 pupils for each teaching class! Several teachers teach in different classes so that their memory must retain no less than 000 names. Taking into account the individuality of the pupils, a lesson under these circumstances cannot make any claim. D: e Besol i. - i. as follows: Im -mr in ti mm r iWl m., uven places find with m mi .. five 1. w rm ws em. r- I places with 750 Mt .. one place with 800 Mk., two places with 850 Mk., two places with 960 Mk. The remainder are different up to the marimum of 1400 Mt. Ter .Beuth. Currently one writes from Radzionkau: The neighboring municipality of Radzionkau had twelve teachers, eleven bars and twenty classes. On April 1st, three teachers became and a teacher - ... Das Wilhelms ha vene, Tageblatt reports on April 23rd: The day before yesterday there was a young one here, ouch! A couple from Bielefeld on their honeymoon on the Velociped. '. . 1 . r - The two cyclists had left Btelefeld five days ago on two two-wheeled tricycles and - had covered the not insignificant distance, minus the stay in several places, in around three days. The young couple from Oldenburg was up on Wednesday morning. broken and arrived here in the afternoon. After seeing the local '. The cycling couple geern viacqmmag toicocc from zvu ri: ii. ? w cm '1 helmshaven and has beaeben via Eckwarden naw Nordenham or Bremerbaven: from there the return journey to Bielefeld is to begin. will kick. From Oldenburg to WilhelmShaven, the cyclists were accompanied by several Oldenburg cyclists. Around 5,000 gymnasts have registered for the 21st Mlttelrhelni gymnastics festival, which will take place in Darmftadt at the end of July, some of them in mass quarters. should advertise. The city provides schools and gyms, and it also makes a substantial contribution to the high fixed costs. The festival hall, which alone claims about 20,000 m., Comes from the infantry tkrert-iervlak. n n i ä I ch d c 8 Lord Derby's death is reminded that when he was Lord Stanley he was offered a throne. The historian Fronde found two years ago in the then unpublished correspondence between Lord Beaconsfield (Benjamin .israelii uno rau Bryoge's following letter TiSrae.'iZ of December 9, '182 to the lady mentioned: They say) the Greeks want e .uen have English KS nig. Since Vrinz Alfred said. has refused to accept the crown, so they intend to grind Lord Stanley as their monarch. Should he be on? take, I would lose a mighty grudge and colleagues. ES, 1t a dazzling offer for the house -1 nx. . . sraniey. he Niameys veuen jeoocy no imagination and I think they will be Knowsley. prefer the Plains of Attica to the Parthenon and Lancashire. IT is a privilege to live in this our age, with sesnen sq quickly successive and brilliant events. What a mistake it is to scold the same in a utilitarian way. It's full of romance. Thrones fall and crowns are for sale as in a fairy tale. "In another letter written two months later, Disraell says," The Greeks do indeed want my friend Lord Stanley to be their king. That runs the nang of every novel. In my opinion, he should accept the crown. If I were young, I would not lose a moment, even if mif the Count of Derby ig "beckoned to the future." 4 fc - '-'! : Does the georgine belong in a bridal bouquet? ' According to the Graudenzer Gesell ", this question led to a lawsuit that was divorced in Ksnitz ezit these days. Your teacher wanted to celebrate a wedding and ordered a wedding bouquet from the gardener Y. at the agreed price of 7 marks . IT was in the autumn when roses and camellias are scarce. The gardener knew how to help himself and took white georgines in the bouquet. But the bride and her relatives did not agree with this at all, they made bitter reproaches to the bridegroom and rebuked them with indignation back in the bouquet that contains Georgines, "Blijmen1ie 'a bride to the. Giving goers the altar a gift - be an insult. Poor BrSuti, gam there was nothing left but to send the scorned bouquet back to the gardener: of course - he refused to pay. .. The gardener sued the young man, but the latter brought in experts ... ... m. 'Rm - - he appealed, now also his expert, and, from distant places, suggesting: the Wlagie, too, made a new appointment , .Expert;

imiikiu iünlisrlAt tü nsiiilRMöiil Itlf f.r. 7 ,. tu ttnji SiisÄ Meter & Co. had at that time in France Kätner all coasts, ur La, which together with 1 UttHvJA 'ö

. while the Fran. Anitz, -.,.,: Mnutmi 'ft 1 dzr' MH - Jmpötteure and traders in

the subject of the dispute is quite a nice sum, ' , around 300 marks. - l of historical den ?. There is hardly any other area in Germany as rich in painting as Alsace. 1 From the border of the Bavarian Palatinate to the Jura, the Vsrberc.e are the. 0 .. a v 1 Voaesen rich with castles and formerly n. ,, CJsftftrn AfrftnT Ttf.r: s', some of which have a widespread reputation. o. ...... ...... .ij..v. . . m r .r. the Wasigenstein. where the legend, the '"W cm,.,. Schauplatz des Waltharllicdes relocated,' Burg Niedeck, the monastery of St. Odilien.! the Hohkönigsdurq, the abbey of Murbach. W .. J. (. t v.- ta?, l ... vlls Ulojj ver 2) lUcil uuu iuguuig Knneri nnrr hrr (I5h-tif. f UW MV VV 'Wr stf.t.:.: a lillMciilNcU UM) cvilg? ill, l Uv some little town with well-being. ,, ti, v: rntttMaftfrlimen Rinamanern and: towers surround, so Oberehnheim, Kaisersberg with the former imperial palatinate. Reichenweier and others. In numerous places you can find both ancient and medieval church T ". ebüude of the greatest art-historical value. Nothing is missing from buildings from Roman times either, and even from the old Germanic and Celtic prehistoric times there are clear traces in the form of pagan walls, druid stones, and megalithic tombs. There was already a society in French times. which had made the preservation of historical and artistic monuments its edition. In the past, however, there was a great lack of the necessary means. The 'German government has often asked for larger Zum. men to: restaurant purposes. This care is all the more to be recognized as it is in most cases the preservation of such monuments, which come from the German "past of Alsace. A funny thief story is reported from Akobsdorf in Silesia. A few days ago unknown thieves stole to a farmer a black cow with a white spot on its back, out of the barn at night. To hide the bad smear of my spot. fihrff.n hi Q) fht hi. (fnh with etnm VV ww my m my vn mm -. Black fur. Despite the fur, the cow had absolutely no desire to exchange the cold night air for the warm stable. Finally the thieves woke the owner of the cow and asked him to give them a reward of three marks to help with the transport of a cow. The landlord now led his own cow, which followed willingly, on the rope is behind the village, where he received the promised three marks. When the robber came home and had hardly gone to bed, both he and his wife were woken up by a cow roar, and lo and behold, the fur-covered cow had once again come to the farm. It was probably torn out by the thieves. Only now did the farmer know that he had helped steal his own cow. For his walk he had not only received the three marks, but also the good fur, in one pocket of which 90 thalers were found. The thieves are unlikely to want to get their fur back with its contents. At the Kaiserdenkmai in Hohensyburg, one of the most beautiful spots in Westphalia, it is reported from Hagen that the cost estimate by Professor Stier Hannover amounts to 350,000 marks; the three statues (Kaisex, BiZmarck, Moltke) are to cost 1Z7,000 marks. The memorial is now after the bull's. Draft is carried out and initially the construction of the lining walls and the central tower must be started. The celebration of the laying of the foundation stone is due to take place soon. Yes, that's Necdle: This is an expression that the traveling public uses when they find something entirely in line with their wishes. And this print can just be seen from the Wisconsin Centra! Line which is now generally considered to be the route from Chicago to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Ashland, Duluth, and all points on the Northwest Bay. Its trains, which depart twice a day, and their beautiful furnishings make for an unsurpassable interior design of the bar. It is the only line that runs both continuous Pullman and tourist sleeping cars from Chicago to the points hex Päcific-uste without changing cars. For more information, contact the nearest Tixket agent. 3aS. C. Pond, Gen. Pass. and ticket agent,. . - Chicago, 3ff, c Chinese doctor and lpnndarzf. , m GEE LOY, No.117 Massachusetts Avenue Has 20jäk, rig experience. W r 9 years i llanton. llhina. 1 jadre in Qelen. Montana and the sura which he performed, because he is an excellent doctor and surgeon. Has a license for the Jadiana Ttaat. Mighty prices. Treat all k, ankheitkn. Office hours from clock MorgrnS to 8 clock bent. , ltmaezogen: fitriit.li "I. floor drs .Jro Llo '11 W. Washinqtou Str., next i owe. Merrill (, for five years, where he awarded? Oificen etnuerichrcr for the Belzaidiung! of eye. ear. Naze and Neck and oi- tk.?sert, dung of grooves, artificial eyes unv ete aettellng of E q eteugen.lv d, r, unel.meu., U travel accessible for Le; like o 'per. To nr'ernun tt urf ..... to lr mmr k. Httrl sultarikn free and everyone invited.


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of the best varieties. Calisonlifche wines are a specialty. LIEBEIl'S Berkhmles Tafrl - Bkr. Schlitz Agency for Bottled Milwaukee Beer. Orders are promptly delivered to all parts of the city. 30 55 32 East Marhland Str. Telephone No. 407. Columbia Hall! Corner of McCarty & Telavare Etr. The most beautiful, coarser and most comfortable in '; built hall on the south side. It is available for holding concerts, dancing, parties ic. It is particularly recommended to clubs. 27 The most beautiful inn in town. Only the best drinks are served. Otto Sclrniidt invites Vle pursten, Die Feittfrcn, to numerous visits. The tasty wines and liquors of all kinds are available from me. 33 South Delaware Qtr. Z-cledbo orders are adaelicfrrt to all parts of the city. Mozart Hall! Henry Victor. The largest, most beautiful and oldest such oil valley in the city. The spacious and beautifully furnished hall is available to cleaners, boxes and private individuals to hold garbage, clay concerts and meetings under lldfra lm conditions. -5jL u n H. S. Fox, s leischmarkt 141 Of-tWashingttZnStraßk. Marlfts: 920.53 and 54 on dun eastern marrte. Spe, ialitäteu: '' jf. i - v cm "n., vx. v.i -; -. mutz uno vuruc amx oric. tXT" telephone 1613. German is spoken. Red Star Line. Ver. States and Royal Belgian Post. Steamer. - Regular trips between Antwerp Antwerp and Pbilabelpbia and New Bork Boriiüaliche Beköiiiauna. aute service and low prices. Antwerp offers travelers to and from Germany, Austria. France and the Eckwei, special advantages. dsayrt by Whom park every Wednesday: from Antwerp every Saturday. The steamers of this sex in ln, e and all the latest ovstruktton and erb c Slcherarbeit and Beauen'llchkeit and Scknellta, kett he especially low prices, fäheet bet: i i. - '... International U ay. Co., 0cnetal'2 (oentttT. General Agents, New York and Philadelphia or: Frenzel BroS., Zlttl Metzger. Jndianappli ?. - Wrought iron Fenz, k Lllks & Helsenberaer, m dii 168 South Mississippi Errasze., Wet Equare west of the Station. S.drik.nte bampion stafls? Pstd? Chkksaun. ,, become pokiti in 'few' dzinutk sÄmer rilcl ede, l ,., nder roped behdit will s, iiiiue r una niO. Lvunde eyes, weak. Watery eyes. A sicatarrd. Deafness. Clever in the ear; everyone bears ug? n. Ears., Slseu and Haloleide, are painlessly cured according to a new, delayed method. Glasses are made for every uae fpe, iellk. Pqf send for tcurz, "right or -nkst. sve $ Ht ft, gmattscheuk.n. T.-lJ. Artificial eyes. The Reichbaltiaste vsssarkini-ne In the 9Rft, same merdeu painlessly without cutting. Have the movement and because of the natural eye. Prices moderate. Office hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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