How do you clean up a room

Action tip for children: Tip 58 during the Corona period: This is how you tidy your room properly

A book from grandma, a teddy bear from dad, a box with Lego bricks: you certainly have a lot of these or similar toys that you particularly like. You definitely want to keep this. But other things may just be standing around. You could actually go. "If you muck out old toys, you create space in the children's room to play," explains expert Dorothea Jung. She gives tips on how to muck out well. The weather outside is not so great right now, so you can take the opportunity to tidy up inside.

How do you start? “It's best to go step by step and start with one thing,” advises Dorothea Jung. For example, you can only do the bookshelf in one day. On another day you look which cuddly toys you still want to keep. Then come the construction kits. “This is how you can quickly see successes,” says Dorothea Jung.

What helps with mucking out? If you feel like it, you can turn on music while mucking out. That puts you in a good mood. Then you sort your toys. Put them in two piles: keep and give away. To make this easier for you, the expert advises: "Think about who you can give the old toys to, for example." These can be friends, but also strangers, such as poor families. You can also get help with mucking out: For example, you can think about what can be removed with dad and mom. Or to whom the book or the cuddly toy could bring joy.

What if you want to keep everything? If you don't want to part with toys at all, you can put them in a big box first. "Ask your parents to keep this box for you in the basement," advises Dorothea Jung. After a few weeks you can look at the toys again and exchange them for others. So nothing is completely gone, but you have more space in the nursery. "If you unpack the items after a while, it becomes easier to decide what you really want to keep," says the expert. Everything you're happy about stays there.

Why is it good to muck out and tidy up anyway? When all the toys have their place, you'll find them easier. And: “You can do your homework more easily in a tidy environment,” explains Dorothea Jung. If everything is lying around on the desk and in the room, it tends to distract from studying. (dpa)