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travel to Russia - only allowed with a valid Russia visa

If you are going to travel to the Russian Federation, you will need one Russia visa. The visa requirement applies both to tourists who want to explore the country and its sights, as well as to all people who start their trip to the Russian Federation for other reasons. The visa application must be submitted personally by the applicant or via an accredited visa agency to a competent diplomatic mission abroad. The application is incomplete without a corresponding invitation from Russia or the passport. In Germany, the Russian Embassy in Berlin and the Russian Consulates General are responsible for issuing entry permits and other documents for the Russian Federation.

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Depending on the intention of your trip, it is decided which Russia visa is suitable for you as an applicant and which documents, in addition to the passport, you need to have for your application. For example, students have different requirements than business people or people visiting their family or friends in the Federation of Russia. The necessary information about the differences has to be obtained from the embassy in a laborious manner. Or you can contact König Tours directly. We answer all your questions about the application process or handle the entire visa procurement process easily and conveniently for you.

We would be happy to help you choose the right visa and put together the necessary documents. As part of our visa service, we take over the administrative procedures to the consulate or embassy for you and support you in all steps of the visa application. In addition, we offer you the option required for Russia Letter of invitation procure for you. Also the required Health insurance and a confirmation of willingness to return can be booked through us as an additional service in the Visa Comfort Service Package. For our customers this results among other things. the following advantages:

  • free advice for applicants
  • Information on the current Russian visa requirements
  • Online booking in just a few minutes
  • All necessary documents at a glance (e.g. passport, insurance)
  • NO long travel or waiting times in the Russian consulates
  • Price transparency: no additional consular fees

If you navigate to the individual visa categories online, you will find information on visa validity, the permitted length of stay (days or months) and the entry requirements of the Russian Federation.

Visa Russia - is it worth it?

Clearly: yes! Whether short or long trips, you definitely need a visa to travel to the Russian Federation with all its superlatives, which inspire visitors from all over the world again and again. The most popular destinations in the largest country in the world in terms of area include Moscow and St. Petersburg, the northernmost metropolis in the world.

The region around Lake Baikal and the Siberian taiga invite adventurers, but also spa vacationers, to hike and relax. The deepest inland lake and the largest forest on earth are just two more of the numerous sights that distinguish Russia. The Trans-Siberian Railway (in short: Transsib) between Moscow and Vladivostok is the longest railway line in the world and enables comfortable travel in Russia. But the Russian Federation also offers a good transport network for air and ship passengers as well as car, mobile home and motorcyclists. We wish you a nice stay in Russia! Find the right one now Russia visa. Our travel experts at König Tours are happy to help you with travel preparations so that your documents are completed quickly and the visa for Russia is approved.