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"It just takes a little moonlight and other literary allusions: A figure analysis with the help of the opposition of 'prose' and 'poetry' in Theodor Fontane's Mathilde Moehring

ISBN-13: 9783640538614 / Niemiecki / Miękka / 2010/48 str.

ISBN-13: 9783640538614 / Niemiecki / Miękka / 2010/48 str.

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Bachelor thesis from 2009 in the Department of German Studies - Modern German Literature, Grade: 1.7, Universitat Mannheim, Language: German, Abstract: The characters that appear in Theodor Fontane's short novel "Mathilde Mohring" can be assigned to certain oppositions. On the one hand, the main characters can be juxtaposed with the superhistorically constant group characteristics 'male' vs. 'female'; on the other hand, with another contrasting relationship, which should be particularly noted here and which does not correspond to traditional gender roles: On the level of the work as a whole, the male main character can have a poetic worldview, the "understanding of a book or a picture" (4: p. 21) , the female a prosaic view of her environment and her "program ...] of \ Gluck and satisfaction" (9: p. 59). Other "relevant qualitative features" that can shape the antithetical relationship between Thilde and Hugo include the contrast between 'active' and 'passive'. The two characters in the novel differ in how and what they consciously perceive. The objects of Thilde's perception can be used by her to change situations and thus any relationships that structure the text; in short, to take action. Hugo, on the other hand, takes into account, according to his inclinations and desires, the beauty of the tangible environment, which can be assigned to aesthetic and especially literary models. He is largely determined in his actions by his partner figure. Since the novel stands "in a given traditional context", literary figures can be found on the various levels of communication within the text, which literature lovers can consider possible models for themselves and for other characters. The "interspersed literature particles" play in Fontane's Spatwerk

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