Is Omarosa Manigault Newman a bad person

A woman messes with Trump: Ex-employee describes the US president as a lying misogynist and a racist

Disclosure books about US President Donald Trump have been available for a dozen cheaper since he took office in January 2017. Of course, the extroverted ex-real estate juggler is a hit for every author. But probably no one in his work has dealt with Trump as ruthlessly on a personal level as Omarosa Manigault Newman. The 44-year-old African-American, once one of the few blacks on the Trump team, served him as a director who should improve relations with the black minority in the country.

The president fired her last December. In her work “Unhinged” published on Tuesday - which could be translated as “screws loosely” - she now paints an unfavorable picture of Trump. He is characterized there as a lying misogynist and a racist removed from reality, who is said to have used the notorious "nigger" word in an official group.

A questionable allegation

The last allegation in particular seems questionable. Because the author uses the republican pollster Frank Luntz, a person of integrity, as the source for the use of the "N" word. She heard from someone that he wanted to hear from Luntz that the demoskop was present when Trump spoke the bad word.

But Luntz has already denied the alleged hearsay around several corners on Twitter. All untrue, so Luntz - who also accuses the author of not even having contacted him about the book.

One of the "women for Trump"

Her work is also spicy for other reasons. Because the writer once came under the first name "Omarosa" in Trump's TV casting show "The Apprentice" to brief fame before she was then telegenically fired by him.

Nevertheless, this did not damage the personal connection between the two for the time being. In the 2016 election campaign, she went into the field as one of the “women for Trump” and praised the candidate as a person of the highest integrity.

Legal means are being examined

To get the curve now as an author and justify her million dollar advance, Omarosa Newman argues: She is “complicit” in the fact that the Trump administration is “deceiving” the nation. She couldn't have foreseen all this at the time.

But now it is clear: “You are deceiving the nation about how backward it is spiritually”. That was not well received by the president, who on the weekend already referred to the ex-employee as "scrap" as a precaution. At the same time it was said that legal means were being examined to take action against the author.

How many recordings are there?

As is now certain, she also recorded unauthorized conversations in the White House. Among other things, this should have taken place in the so-called situation room, the crisis center, in which recordings are strictly forbidden. Presidential employees always hand over their cell phones before entering the secure room, Omarosa Newman did not, which was a violation of the internal protocol.

Because at the weekend, she played US broadcasters a recording of the conversation that took place there when Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly fired her in 2017. Kelly can be heard as he admonishes the woman, but - with a view to her future reputation - to accept an amicable separation. Today the author sees it this way: "You threatened me, scared me, put me under pressure".

New York Times: Trump wants to stop publication

The White House fears that Omarosa Newman has made over 100 records of Trump talks. The "New York Times" reports that the president absolutely wants to stop their publication. But the government's lawyers had certified that the chances of doing so were extremely slim.

When she was fired, the White House had offered her a job in a Trump organization, which was endowed with 150,000 US dollars per year and was linked to an obligation of confidentiality during her time as a presidential employee. But Omarosa Newman had refused - probably also with a view to the lucrative book deal.

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