What is Brueckenstrasse


Which topics am I right here with?

People who are looking for help in stressful situations turn to the counseling center ...

- with yourself,
- in contact with others,
- in their partnership,
- in school, training or studies,
- during and after a separation,
- in relation to parents or family,
- at work,
- in raising children,
- as adolescents growing up,
- or in a life crisis.

For advice, it is important that you are willing to actively deal with your situation.


Who can I contact if I have financial problems or an addiction problem?

If you have financial problems, you can also contact the Tübingen debt counseling service, for example.
If you have addiction problems, it is usually better to contact an addiction counseling center directly - e.g. the Tübingen addiction counseling service.


How do I sign up?

Registrations are accepted by our administrative staff by telephone or in person during the opening hours of the secretariat. These are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (Wednesday until 11:00 a.m.) and Monday to Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This also applies to the registration for the external consultation hours in Rottenburg. You can clarify all questions in the run-up to the first interview. Registration by email is possible Not possible.
Unfortunately, waiting times until the first meeting can often not be avoided. We have provided telephone contact times for acute crisis situations. In such emergency situations you can also contact the telephone counseling on 0800 111 0 111.


How does a consultation work?

In the initial consultation, we clarify your worries and problems, expectations and previous attempted solutions and explain the possibilities of psychological counseling - also in contrast to psychotherapy.
We will discuss with you whether further advice makes sense, and if so, what topics and goals should be involved.
We expressly point out the consultant's duty of confidentiality. If necessary, we will talk to you about sharing the costs for further advice.
This first interview can be followed by further counseling sessions at agreed intervals (e.g. every 14 days). A counseling session usually lasts 50 minutes for one-on-one discussions, while couple and family discussions can last up to 90 minutes. The average number of consultation appointments is between six and nine sessions.


What does the consultation cost?

A first conversation is free of charge for you, as are all offers in the context of education and youth counseling. For further appointments in couple and life counseling, we will arrange a personal contribution with you, which depends on your possibilities. As a guideline, we consider a personal contribution of 1% of the monthly net income per consultation hour to be appropriate. The monthly net income means the amount that your employer transfers to your account every month. Your advisor will discuss all further details with you in the first meeting. Nobody should have to do without advice for financial reasons.

The consultation is free of charge at ...

  • All initial discussions
  • Educational counseling (working with children, adolescents and parents who have educational issues),
  • Consultations for which you have been referred to us by the youth welfare office or in the context of legal proceedings by the family court.

Can you issue me with a certificate or an expert opinion?

In principle, we do not issue psychological reports - regardless of the occasion for which you need it. We can give you a written confirmation that you have been in consultation with us, but this confirmation does not address any content from the consultations that have taken place.


How often can I come for advice?

A consultation process comprises an average of 8 consultation appointments. Depending on what you bring with you, the process can be longer or shorter - there is no classic minimum or maximum number of conversations.


Can I choose my advisor?

All of our consultants are well trained and competent. If you have certain wishes, e.g. because you have already been to a consultant in the past or would prefer to be advised by a man / woman, we will try to take this into account as far as possible.


Can I have therapy here?

No. Our offer is psychological counseling, with which we can also accompany you in the waiting time for a therapy place. Please note that we generally do not provide therapy places. To find a therapy place, we recommend the website of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Baden-Württemberg, where you can search for psychotherapists near your place of residence.


Do I have to have health insurance for the consultation?

No. The psychological counseling center is offered by the Protestant and Catholic Church and is therefore not part of the health system. This means that we neither need your health card nor contact your health insurance company. Your data will not be stored in any database and all documents relating to your consultation process will be destroyed after one year.


Are you confidential?

Yes. All employees of the counseling center are bound by a duty of confidentiality - this also applies to the information that you are in counseling with us. If it makes sense to you and us to work with other institutions (e.g. kindergarten, school, doctor, youth welfare office), we ask you to release your confidentiality beforehand. No data will be passed on without your express permission. Confidentiality is also maintained during professional exchanges within the team.


Are my data protected with you?

Yes, the protection of your data is very important to us. The handling of your data is based on the data protection ordinances of the Evangelical Church of Baden-Württemberg and the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The dissemination of statistical information (for sponsors, grant providers and the public) takes place in the form of summarized information that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual advice seekers.
Our privacy policy


What can I do if I am dissatisfied with the advice?

We see ourselves as a learning institution and are interested in your feedback. If your experience with the psychological counseling center does not meet your expectations and you would like to complain, a prescribed complaint procedure is available to you. The corresponding complaint form is available from our secretariat and here.



During the renovation work on our house, we can unfortunately only offer you barrier-free access to a very limited extent in the transition area at Gartenstrasse 26. Please contact us when you register.



Counseling in other languages

Do you speak English?

If you'd like to receive psychological counseling in English please contact [email protected] to get an appointment.


Vous parlez le français?

S'il vous plaît contactez [email protected] pour conseil psychologique en Français.


Mówicie Państwo po polsku?

Jeśli potrzebujecie Państwo porady psychologicznej w języku polskim, prosimy o contact pod address e-mail: [email protected] w celu umówienia terminu spotkania.


Parla italiano?

Se desidera una consulenza psicologica in italiano, contact [email protected] per prendere un appuntamento.




Internship information

We offer internship positions for career orientation Students of psychology and education to give them an insight into the psychological counseling work. These internship positions can only be awarded to applicants who have a Compulsory internship as part of the course with a Minimum duration of 12 weeks want to complete with us. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an internship with us in the current year 2021.




On the website of the Evangelical church district of Tübingen come under www.evangelischer-kirchen district-tuebingen.de.

You can see who we are with at www.drs.de. Network of psychological counseling centers in the Rottenburg - Stuttgart diocese are connected.

Diakonia is the social work of the Evangelical Church. The Diakonisches Werk in the Evangelical Church District of Tübingen helps people in need and in socially unjust circumstances through qualified advice and help.

At the Caritas Center in Tübingen you will find qualified advice for many areas of life.

About technical developments and Advisory services in the area of ​​the Evangelical Church in Württemberg you can find out more on the website of the state office for psychological counseling centers.

The employees of the Tübingen Advice Center for Elderly People and their Relatives e.V. advise and support senior citizens and their relatives.

The working group Life Reutlingen / Tübingen offers help in life crises and if there is a risk of suicide.

The Tübingen district offers advice on family and educational issues in its youth and family counseling centers.

You can get advice on questions of family planning, pregnancy, upbringing and parenting as well as partnership and sexuality at the Pro Familia advice center in Tübingen.

You can find the telephone number at the national telephone number 0800 111 0 111 a competent interlocutor. You can also contact this facility digitally (online pastoral care). You can find more information about telephone counseling on site here.