What is it like to live in Rockville

A delegation of 26 women and men from the Pinneberg volunteer fire brigade and their partners set out this morning to visit the friendly fire brigade of the Pinneberg and Rockville town twinning for a week, to maintain contacts and friendships and to gain an insight into the lives of their comrades Get Rockville. Some of the participants have already flown in to visit New York and the legendary New York Fire Department "NYFD" with their own shop. The main contingent around the Pinneberger Fire Chief Claus Köster started this morning at 06:30 with three fire engines to the Fuhlsbüttel airport.

The friendship that is part of the town twinning

between Rockville and Pinneberg has been confirmed for the last 25 years by regular official as well as many private visits between the emergency services and their families every year.

The tour guide of the delegation from Pinneberg, Christoph Supthut, has put together a colorful and interesting program with the captain of the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department for the 95th anniversary of the Rockville Fire Department. This consists of visiting tourist attractions, sporting events and plenty of opportunities to shop and, above all, to exchange ideas with friends from Rockville.

Some points from the visit program

  • Visit the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Aerospace Museum
  • Baseball game: Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braces
  • US Capitol, White House & Monument
  • Maryland Fire Department Museum
  • Bowling night
  • Naval Academy Annapolis MD
  • Maryland State Parliament

In order to intensify the contact, the participants are housed privately with the comrades in Rockville and take part in the life of the families outside of the planned events. The intensive exchange in English is supported by various barbecue evenings and eating together. The visit to America will culminate in the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the Rockville Fire Department on Saturday with an anniversary banquet. Claus Köster, military leader of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Pinneberg will give a speech and present the Pinneberg delegation with a gift as a lasting reminder of the visit and the anniversary.

The mutual visits are not limited to the official trips of delegations to the different anniversaries in Pinneberg or Rockville but have become more and more intense over time, so that one invites and visits each other privately to weddings or special family celebrations. Rescue workers regularly fly to America on vacation. At least a few days are spent on station 3 or private contacts. Thus, the exchange of firefighters has become a mainstay in the town twinning between the towns of Rockville and Pinneberg and their clubs.

If there is time, the volunteer fire brigade Pinneberg can also take part in exercises and operations of their comrades in Rockville and learn how the emergency situations are dealt with in the American way. Here safety comes first and the comrades are only there as observers and in the second row.

The deployment has no significant impact on the operational readiness and safety of the population in Pinneberg. If there is a major damage situation and the company's own staff is insufficient, we work closely with the neighboring communities of the city of Pinneberg in accordance with the alarm plan. This supplementation and support is also regularly practiced in the context of business evenings and has most recently proven itself in a large fire on New Year's Eve. When a large office building in the south of Pinneberg caught fire, the Schenefeld fire brigade supported the operation and the comrades from Prisdorf kept the back of the Pinneberg fire brigade by taking over the smaller container fires, which unfortunately were already common on New Year's Eve.

Rockville Volunteer Fire Department press release