Why do I suddenly end friendships

Ghosting in friendship: all information at a glance

Ghosting means that you won't hear from your boyfriend or girlfriend from one day to the next. You no longer write to yourself, you don't make phone calls and you don't meet again. This can happen unilaterally, i.e. when one breaks contact with the other. Ghosting also occurs on both sides, when both sides stop reporting for some reason.

  • Ghosting is known from dating life, where it happens again and again that you don't get any feedback after a failed date. Affected people are then simply blocked on social media channels and messages are ignored.
  • However, some people may not be so aware that it also occurs in friendships. Often one assumes that the other person has no time or that one has simply drifted apart. Before you know it, months and years go by without a word being exchanged.
  • But an argument or a disagreement can also lead to ghosting. If the problem is not discussed, both parties simply remain silent after the conflict and no longer report back, then one can also speak of ghosting here.
  • Ghosting is considered to be a rather convenient and easy way to end a friendship. However, sometimes it can be best for both sides. After all, ghosting is a way of parting on the "good" as long as it goes from both parties. However, if you are simply ghosted by a long-time friend, it can also be very painful.