Why don't F1 cars drift around corners

That is why F1 2019 is not a realistic simulation

Codemasters has been developing Formula 1 racing games for eleven years. The game is popular with gamers. But it is not a realistic motorsport simulation.

Anyone who loves racing games and Formula 1 will buy the new Formula 1 game from Codemasters every year. The British team from Birmingham has been developing the premier class game since 2009 - one game every season. But how realistic is it now?

The most criticism of F1 2019 is in the area of ​​driving physics. In Bahrain, for example, we can easily drive on the sand without any loss of grip. In addition, the grip with cold tires is far too good. We can feel a difference between warm and cold tires, but that is far too small.

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In general, the vehicle behaves differently than a real Formula 1 racer. In a real Formula racing car, drifting is poison for the rear axle. But in F1 2019 a slight drift brings the crucial extra tenths of a second. The rear tires hardly overheat. Instead, we can safely take corners one or two gears lower than the real Formula 1 drivers. The powerful torque balances the video game speedster excellently around the curves.

But not only on the track, also in the pits there are a few disruptive points. In the pit lane the player is only a passenger. The autopilot is steering. We only drive through the pit entrance and exit ourselves.

Codemasters should also revise the damage model. Front wings and tires can be broken. The other parts of the vehicle, with the exception of brief failures of the DRS and ERS, are indestructible. The rear wing, side box and the like hold up even at an impact speed of 300 km / h. Unsuitable that Codemasters calls the most sensitive damage setting “simulation”. The developers should adopt the damage model from the in-house game Dirt Rallye 2.0. It is very detailed and realistic.

BUT: F1 2019 is nonetheless an outstanding racing game, just not a realistic simulation like iRacing or Assetto Corsa. That is also not what Codemasters aspires to be. They want the game to appeal to as many Formula 1 fans as possible, not just the hardcore Simra racers. That's why the game is kept simple in so many places.

Codemasters is also on a very good path. Every year the game is improved in all areas, they respond to the wishes of the fans. This is only shown by the current part, in which Formula 2 racers and driver changes are integrated in the career.