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Secure password manager: app for passwords

Call every year on February 1st, on World password day, numerous media, companies and NGOs to change passwords.

It is now known that simple passwords like "12345678" or "abcdefgh" are far too dangerously simple and not suitable, sensitive data secure against unauthorized access and beyond Identity theft or Misuse of data to prevent.

How can you remember complicated, cryptic passwords? On the one hand, it is much too cumbersome to write them down and put them somewhere, on the other hand, this type of data backup dangerous if the document gets into the wrong hands. Experts see in modern Password managers a solution to this problem.

But is there a password manager as an app for smartphones? Which password app is for iOS and which for Android suitable? In a test did Computer picture four apps for Android and five for iPhone tested and the best app for oneSave password found out.

Which password app is best?

In general, experts advise users to use a password manager as it is more secure than themselves individual passwords for different services to notice.

Typically, password managers are mostly used on the computer or laptop, but you can Password generator also download as an app.

What about a Password app important? According to which criteria were the apps tested and which password app did the best?

The test showed that all password managers were well encrypted and withstood all attacks in the test. However, not every password app locked itself automatically when not in use and the clipboard was not cleared.

For iPhone: The best password manager as an app

For iPhone computer has picture five password managers tested as an app and found the following:

  • eWallet in 5th place: receives an overall grade of 2.7 and can only be used with password protection. The app is well encrypted, but the usability and functions are not very convincing. With a price of 9.99 euros, eWallet is one of the more expensive password apps.
  • mSecure in 4th place: has a grade of 2.75 and costs 9.99 euros. The app can be used without password protection, which is a risk. The password management app offers many functions and an app browser, but it is not very intuitive to use.
  • iMobilesitter in 3rd place: got the grade 2.35 in the test and costs 5.99 euros. The app is clever as a password manager and uses confusion tactics in the event of hacker attacks. A shake of the phone is enough to encrypt a password. However, the password app lacks a built-in browser.
  • iPin in 2nd place: has the grade 2.25 and costs 2.59 euros. The password app offers good operation, a high level of security and a practical sensor code when opening. The safe app switches on the car lock when not in use and deletes the data on the clipboard after one minute.
  • 1Password in 1st place: has the grade 1.6 and is the only password app in the test that is available free of charge, but the Pro Features version costs 9.99 euros. The password safe app is easy to use and keeps data securely under lock and key. It offers a successful browser that automatically enters passwords, but it is not possible to pass them on to the Safari browser.

For Android: The best password manager as an app

Not only iPhone users can use an app to manage passwords, too Android users this option is available.

What apps has Computer picture tested and how did they fare?

  • mSecure in 4th place: The password app for Android costs 10.61 euros, but offers the same functions as for the iPhone.
  • eWallet in 3rd place: The password app works the same on iPhone and Android, but costs 11.21 euros for Android.
  • Mobile sitter in 2nd place: The app, which was co-developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, achieved a grade of 2.3 and costs 5.49 euros for Android.
  • iPin in 1st place: The best password app for Android achieved a grade of 2.1 in the test and costs 2.99 euros.

Conclusion: This is the best password app

  1. In general, experts advise users Password manager to use to save passwords. As an app for iPhone and Android, these can usually be chargeable downloaded.
  2. Computer Bild tested a total of five apps: mSecure, eWallet, Mobilesitter, iPin and also the password app for iPhone 1Password.
  3. The best password app for iPhone is 1Passwordwhich offers high security and the most useful functions.
  4. For Android is the best password app iPinwhich offers a high level of security but few options.
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Secure password manager: app for passwords
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