What is CSIR

International study community for
Research into and experience of natural healing methods

Erich Kubisch
Medical Advisory Board: Dr. Joelle Aimée-Toulouse
In principle

People who are ready to take their healing into their own hands and who shape their lifestyle according to the laws of nature, or who are ready to change a few things if their health requires it.
Which almost always applies to children!


  • Children and adults after birth trauma
  • Children and adults who do not fully recover from other traumas, shocks, accidents or operations.
  • Children who have problems of various kinds in their development: in the motor area, in the sensory area, in psychosocial behavior and in their general health
  • Children and adolescents with posture problems and misalignment of the jaw
  • Adolescents and adults as prevention for spinal problems

    We dedicate a special chapter to future mothers and their babies:
    The CSIR has turned out to be a wonderful birth preparation option and sets a milestone in the prevention of birth complications when women, their partners and the obstetricians regain harmony with the power of self-regulation.