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Updated on December 31, 2019

Two years ago I was in Amsterdam for a few days and because I liked the city so much and I really wanted to experience it in good weather, I couldn't say no in the summer when I got the opportunity to go there for a day bot. I discovered the offer at an organizer for bus trips for just € 33. It started very early in the morning in Bonn and in the end we had almost six hours to spare in the city itself. Not a lot, but if you already know the city, it's okay for a trip. In this article you can read what I saw in Amsterdam in one day.

The bus dropped us off near Amsterdam Central, which was practical for us, as we wanted to take advantage of the (still) good weather for a canal cruise. You can see the boats with glass roofs everywhere in Amsterdam. However, they are not very convenient or good for taking pictures. I had to keep twisting and twisting myself to get a reasonably good subject. But this gives you a very good first impression of the city. The boats go past many sights, for example. on the Amstel River or at the Anne Frank House. You can take a canal cruise, for example. book here at getyourguide. (* Affiliate link)

After the canal cruise it was time for lunch, we ate in the vegatarian / vegan restaurant de Bolhoed (unfortunately closed now). For me there was hummus with pita bread and cake for dessert.

After the short refreshment we went on to explore the city. And apart from the canal cruise, Amsterdam is best explored on foot. So we walked a bit through the Jordan district and let the Amsterdam flair sink in. Then we went for a little shopping stroll to the Negen Stratjes, where you can find some great shops.

Unfortunately, there wasn't that much time to look, because we really wanted to go to the flower market before it was time to go to the bus again. Two years ago we could only visit the flower market briefly and this time we wanted to take a closer look at it. Most of the time you can buy bulbs and souvenirs, but there are also a few stalls with fresh flowers and the shop where hundreds of dried bouquets of flowers hang from the ceiling.

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city and one day (or six hours) is definitely not enough to explore it. Still, I like day trips like this because you just see something different. Besides, you don't always have the time or the money for a longer trip. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What do you think you have to see there?

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