Could the 737 Max program be canceled

Because of a system error: Flight of a Boeing 737 Max canceled

Another incident with a Boeing 737 Max: About half an hour after take-off, the pilots discovered a problem. They canceled the flight for security reasons and returned to the departure airport.

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The American Airlines passenger plane took off from Miami in the US state of Florida and was on its way to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Almost 100 kilometers south of the Bahamas, the crew found a problem with the trim, reports the online news service The Aviation Herald, which is operated by the Austrian aviation safety expert Simon Hradecky.

The FAA wants to investigate the incident

The crew then decided to return to Miami. About 50 minutes later, the plane, which had 135 passengers and 6 crew members on board, landed safely back in Miami, as can be seen on the Flightaware website. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to investigate the incident.

As the airline announced to the Aviation Herald, it was a problem with the main electrical trim system. One component has failed. However, there was no connection with the MCAS.

The MCAS, an abbreviation for Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, is a software for flight control, the system was introduced after the Boeing 737 got new, larger engines. It should make it easier for pilots to control the modified aircraft.

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However, a system failure resulted in two crashes in October 2018 in Indonesia and one in March 2019 in Ethiopia. 346 people died in the accidents. As a result, a worldwide take-off ban was imposed on this type of aircraft.

After extensive modifications, the Boeing 737 Max can be used again. However, experts doubt that these will be enough.