Bruenettes with green eyes are rare

Color Code: What color type are you?

Are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter type? It doesn't just depend on your ethnicity or whether you are light or dark skin type. In any case, you should know your color type, because an inappropriately chosen hair color that does not suit your type can make your face look paler or older. And who would want that? With the help of the following color type descriptions you can find out which nuances not only make your hair shine, but also your face.

Spring color type

Complexion: The skin is light and clear, it shimmers golden-yellow or peach-colored. The spring-like type has slightly red cheeks and is very often prone to freckles.

Eye color: The color is light and ranges from light blue to green, often golden spots can be seen in the iris.

Hair color: The hair is usually blonde, but there are also dark-haired or red-haired spring types.

That suits you: As a spring type, you naturally have a golden sheen in your hair. Avoid ash tones and choose warm colors: golden blonde, flax blonde, honey blonde, golden brown, copper, warm light red tones such as golden red and strawberry blonde or a warm light to medium brown are ideal. However, make sure that the tones are not too dark, the Snow White look only suits cool skin types.

Color type summer

Complexion: The skin of the summer type looks rosy and delicate and has a bluish to purple skin undertone.

Eye color: The eyes are blue, blue-green, gray-blue or green, also brown tones with a slight blue, gray or green shimmer occur.

Hair color:
By nature, the summer type is blonde or brunette with an ashy base tone that sometimes looks a bit lackluster.

That suits you: If your hair is slightly dull, it looks livelier with "cool" highlights in silver and platinum blonde or lightening or darkening by one or two shades.

If you want to tint or color as a summery color type, choose ash blonde, ash brown or even platinum blonde. Red colors should have a bluish undertone, such as bordeaux or purple. Don't use red tones like mahogany, copper, or golden blonde hair tints - these will make you look older.

Autumn color type

Complexion: The skin can be extremely light, but also have a dark bronze-colored shimmer - but always has a yellowish-golden undertone. She is often prone to freckles. The autumn type is comparatively rare - but is also found in people of African, Asian and southern European descent.

Eye color: The eyes are brown of all shades, green, blue, or turquoise. Clear, light blue eyes are also rare.

Hair color: Characteristic are light to dark brown hair with a reddish shimmer or red hair from copper to mahogany.

That suits you: