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German-French citizenship for the child

Your child can acquire both nationalities

I will have a child this year. Since I am German, but my father is French, I am very interested in whether our child can receive both nationalities even though we are not married. What do we have to do for that?

Your child can acquire both nationalities under both German and French law. It is true that it is still the goal of the EU member states to avoid dual citizenship. However, neither the father nor the mother can be prevented from passing on their nationality to the child. The German and French legislators agree on this. Once you have completed the necessary reports and applications, your child is and will remain both French and German.

Since you would like to give birth to your child in Germany, you would first have to have a birth certificate issued by the German registry office after the birth. As a German citizen and mother of a child who was born in Germany, you can easily pass on your German citizenship.

However, because you are not married to the father of your child, the French legislature requires a further formal declaration. You have to recognize your "motherhood" and the father his "fatherhood". There are no very precise formal requirements for this. The requirements for this declaration are met in any case if you submit it to a German registrar, the German youth welfare office or a French consulate.

When both declarations have been made, send them to the nearest French consulate with the child's German birth certificate and copies of the father's and mother's identity cards. A French birth certificate will then be issued for your child there. There are no costs for issuing this certificate. If you marry the father of your child before the birth, submit the family register instead of the declaration of recognition. You can do all of this in writing. It is not necessary to visit the French consulate in person.

By the way: According to French law, it is also possible for the child to bear the father's name. To do this, the father would have to acknowledge paternity before the child is born. If the child is only recognized by the father after it is born, it will bear your name under French law. Because birth in Germany replaces formal recognition of motherhood when it comes to the question of the name. And the following applies: The parent who recognizes the child first also passes on the family name to him.

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