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  • episode 1

    In advertising, men are either tough guys with big muscles who go through life sexy, cool, and confident, or harmless family fathers who raise children, shop, do laundry, tend the garden, and worship their wives. But what are they really like, the men? What do you think? The presenter Knacki Deuser wants to clarify these and other questions with his guest Lisa Ortgies. (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 2

    In the summer of 2015, the frauTV editorial team produced an edition of mannTV for the first time as part of the WDR program offensive. The response to the 50th birthday of WDR television was remarkable. That's why it continues now! With topics that move men and interest women. The first new episode is about men and meat, because there are more women than men among vegans. The subject of grief also plays a role, we report from the emotional world of a man who became a widower. He is a father. He's a son, an ex-husband, an actor, has a lot of energy and describes himself as very sensitive. A real man - but with a lot of feminine elements: Peter Lohmeyer is moderating a new edition of mannTV. Peter Lohmeyer presents the magazine and is sure that he is the right person for the job. He describes himself as a man who is more female-orientated: He has more female than male friendships. He likes to chat. He can shop really well. And is an avowed feminist! (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 3

    Male fantasies with Hans Sarpei on WDR television: a new round of “Mann tv” The WDR regular broadcast “Frau tv” makes room for men and their topics and for the third time is again explicitly dedicated to male problems, thoughts and fantasies. This time, ex soccer professional, husband, father of two and social media star Hans Sarpei presents the men's magazine and examines the following questions: How do fathers feel when their child is born? And why do other men absolutely not want that? What do men think of masturbation? And how much does it shape your life? Why do men eat more meat than women? And do they really do that? The WDR team from 'Mann tv' tries to find answers, suggestions and ideas for thought to these and other questions about being a man. In the summer of 2015, the editorial team of "frauTV" produced an edition of "mannTV" for the first time as part of the WDR program offensive. The response to the 50th birthday of WDR television was remarkable. That is why we now continue with topics that move men and women. (Text: einsfestival)

  • Episode 4

    A crime scene inspector among men: Oliver Mommsen moderates “Mann tv” on WDR As a man, talking about men's issues is what actor Oliver Mommsen looks forward to. He can do this on September 22, 2016 at 10:10 p.m. on WDR television. As a precaution, he also watched "Frau tv" beforehand. Because women regularly make space on their slot for “Mann tv”. Oliver Mommsen is prepared. Among other things, the almost traditional "Mann tv" moderator test - and it is not entirely without: with a lot of water, fins and women. So a test where the whole man is required. But it's also about a man who with his family has left his previous life completely for a year. And about a man who says of himself that he is a completely normal man - until he found out that he was seriously ill. And had to learn that the disease is an opponent that a man has to fight differently than on his own. They are not that few - men who have their beards groomed with devotion in the barbershop, enjoy being in a women-free zone and telling a men's magazine what they talk about when they are alone. In the summer of 2015, the editorial team of “Frau tv” produced an edition “Mann tv” for the first time as part of the WDR program offensive. The response to the 50th birthday of WDR television was remarkable. That is why it continues now - with topics that move men and interest women: initially in loose succession on the broadcasting slot of “Frau tv”, on Thursdays at 10 p.m. (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 5

    Mann tv - A new edition

    Men have muscles. Men always sit there with their legs apart. Men like to go to the hardware store. Wait a minute - all clichés? Men are different! But how? What does being a man mean today? What do men think about love, family, loyalty, sex or career? Frau tv makes room for men and their issues again and is explicitly dedicated to male challenges, thoughts and fantasies - at Mann tv.

    * The right man for man tv - Jörg Thadeusz

    He is extremely charming, funny and eloquent. He is a radio and television presenter, writer and definitely a woman who understands women. And he presents the latest edition of Mann tv: Jörg Thadeusz. Why is he the right one for it? Jörg Thadeusz not only convinced the Frau tv editorial team with his dancing skills. By the way, you don't have to look like Patrick Swayze - it's enough if you feel that way.

    * Aging with dignity - How do men do it?

    The hair turns gray or disappears completely, varifocal glasses are necessary, the stomach grows. Yes, men are getting older too! But how do you deal with it? Are you doing something about getting older? And if so, what? Did we women in the editorial team ask each other and send our author out: Aging with dignity - how do men do it?

    * Violence and Aggression - Why Are Men Violent?

    Why are men more likely to be violent than women? At least that's what the statistics say. Whether hooligans, gunmen, assassinations or domestic violence - it is mostly men who engage in physical and sexual violence: 85 percent of all murders, 96 percent of all sexual offenses. Is it the genes, the hormones, or the upbringing? Or are there other reasons? How do men explain themselves when they have become violent? And what can you do about this potential for violence in yourself? Our author fought hard for the answers, so to speak.

    * Men Advisor - Why men don't like talking about feelings

    When you have hit the wall with your life, you have no way out, then you come to Klaus Schmitz. He is a counselor for men and violence at the Social Service of Catholic Men. Men come to him in crisis situations, usually only when it is almost too late. He knows men have difficulty talking about feelings. He also knows why that is so: feelings can be an obstacle to doing your job well, to being able to function well at the job. The best he can offer you: talking and listening.

    * Man Bun - What is it about the man bun?

    The man bun has become an indispensable part of hair trends. But where does the trend actually come from? And what kind of reactions are there when you wear the bun yourself as a man? Orhan from Düsseldorf proudly wears his man's bun. And Cihan from Dortmund cut off his braid weeks ago to donate it to a good cause. (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 6

    Since 2015, “Mann tv” has been taking the place of “Frau tv” in random order. The magazine deals with topics that affect men. The sixth edition of "Mann tv" is about life dreams, unexpected changes and new plans in the lives of men. A few years ago, Wolfgang Niedecken himself experienced radical changes after a stroke. But he was sure from the start that “everything would be fine” and set new goals for himself. Just like Werner Schlangen, who has broken new ground. When he was over 50, the commercial director of a publishing house became unemployed. He changed saddles and dared a complete new start - as a puppeteer. Another topic in “Mann tv”: What happens when life plans are mixed up? John dreamed of a house full of children. He has found the right woman for this. But the common desire for children remains unfulfilled. How does he deal with it as a man? It is also about unusual experiences for men - for example a night in a toy store. For 54 men this dream will come true. Alfred Westhöfer holds men's evenings after business hours in his shop in downtown Bonn. He sends the participants through a course with 14 stations. At the table football, on the racetrack, with darts and Lego bricks, they fight for medals and are allowed to be children again. (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 7

  • Episode 8

    He actually wanted to be a musician, but then Miroslav Nemec decided to act. And has been in front of the camera as investigator Ivo Batic in the Munich crime scene for 28 years. Now the 65-year-old is taking on a completely new role and becoming a presenter: on October 10, 2019, he will present the eighth edition of the men's magazine “Mann tv” - from 10.10 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. on WDR television (afterwards in the media library: www.wdr .de / media library). Miroslav Nemec is looking forward to his new role as “Mann tv” presenter. And he is exactly the right person for it. Because “Mann tv” is not about roles, tough guys and lonely heroes, but about topics that move men and interest women. Miroslav Nemec is married and has two daughters; For a long time he was committed to helping war orphans in his old homeland, Croatia. In the new edition of Mann tv, the actor can be found thematically. It's about: - About "real crime scenes" and a chief detective from Mönchengladbach who has solved many crimes and above all asks one question again and again: Why does a person become a murderer? - About good deeds and social commitment in the project “kick and read Cologne”, which aims to get boys to read in a playful way. - And the question of whether men and women can be friends at all? In the summer of 2015, the editorial team of “Frau tv” produced an edition of “Mann tv” for the first time. The show is explicitly dedicated to male challenges, thoughts, fantasies and life plans. The response was remarkable. So it goes on now - in loose succession on the broadcasting slot of "Frau tv", Thursdays at 10:10 pm. (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 9

    Frau tv makes room for men and their issues again and is explicitly dedicated to male challenges, thoughts and life plans - in a new edition of Mann tv.

    "A father and his son - life with a special child", by Jürgen Kura.

    Like every father, the photographer Florian Jaenicke hoped that his own child, “Papa”, would say to him: “But nothing happened. Not yesterday, not today, and probably not tomorrow either. A silence that is difficult to bear. ”His son Friedrich is severely disabled. And Florian Jaenicke has photographed him since he was born. For a year, Florian Jaenicke's photos were printed in ZEIT magazine, in which he gives a very personal insight into his life and that of Friedrich.

    "Plant-for-the-Planet - Felix has a mission", by Klaus Kuderer.

    Everything revolves around trees for him. And that since childhood. Felix Finkbeiner is an environmental activist. His mission: plant trees for the climate. At the age of nine he founded the “Plant-for-the-Planet” foundation. At the age of 13, Felix spoke to the UN, he has already received the Federal Cross of Merit and, with the help of his foundation, over 13 billion trees have already been planted. Today Felix is ​​23 and his mission can no longer be stopped.

    “Iron Moped Club - The road is calling”, by Carsten Linder.

    They wear denim frocks with a skull, next to it it says "Live fast, ride slow - live fast, drive slowly". Tough guys, heavy machines? Not here. Because at the Iron Moped Club from Leverkusen, progress is more leisurely - with a maximum of 25 km / h. The moped doesn't give anything else. The members of the club regularly drive through Germany on their machines - with loud crackling and lots of fun.

    “Clothes made of wood: A wild idea from Wuppertal”, by Jörg Jung.

    If cotton doesn't grow here, we'll just make clothes out of wood. There’s enough of them here. Sounds crazy? - But that is exactly what Timo Beelow thought when he founded “wijld” together with friends. The Wuppertal fashion label produces clothing that is largely made of wood fibers. Produced in an ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The wild idea has long since become a successful company. (Text: WDR)

  • Episode 10

    He is an original, honest and authentic, firmly rooted in the Ruhr area and never in public without a hat: Torsten Sträter. Author, columnist, poetry slammer, reader and a fixture on the German comedy scene. And now soon also a man TV presenter. (Text: WDR)

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